ADAC Headquarters, Munich

Sweeping, flamboyant building

Building owner: ADAC-Zentrale, München

Town/City: Munich

A special design of Katherm HK trench heating with energy-efficient cross-flow fans ensures quiet operation and energy-savings in the new ADAC building. This design of trench produces demand-led filtered, heated or cooled recirculating air from the floor. Katherm HK and Katherm HK empty trenches are individually adapted to the curved external façade in this building.

The specially manufactured free-standing casings fit the architectural and design specifications and were selected for their rapid room-heating properties.

The trench heatings are used as pure supply air ducts and are used to supply air and ventilate the offices.

The cooling units produce silent cooling in the TV studio: air is cooled by the heat exchanger units, without the need for fans.

Products used

Katherm HK

Katherm HK

EC tangential fan-assisted convection for heating or cooling.
PowerKon + F

PowerKon + F

Free-standing convector for use with low water temperatures.