Heating and air conditioning units
for heat pumps

Heat Pump ready

Regardless of why you are interested in heat pump solutions, whether to reduce your operating costs or for reasons of sustainability, they contribute to our target of decarbonising our energy supply.

Let us present one of the widest product ranges of units suitable for use with heat pumps – “Heat Pump ready” as it were. Choose our products that carry this label for your future-proofed heating and cooling system.

Low temperature units for every application

What it comes down to:

Low water temperature systems
Apart from heat pumps, many other systems can be used to eliminate or reduce fossil fuels: namely systems that work with low water temperatures. But regardless of which low water temperature system is used: it only really becomes efficient when combined with economical room units. All products carrying the “Heat Pump ready” label are appropriate economical room units.

Wide range for the commercial and private sector
The benefit of this is that we always have the right unit for many different rooms and types of building. There are so many options to combine with a heat pump. Here’s just a brief selection here.

Simply explained: The heat pump system

The basic idea is not new: a heat generator supplies warm water to room units, which then use the warm water to control the temperature in the rooms. Heat pumps are replacing the oil or gas boiler (heat generator) previously used, with fan-assisted convectors now installed where panel radiators were once fitted. Fan-assisted units rapidly achieve 3-4 times the output of conventional radiators particularly when operated with low system temperatures.

Incidentally, we are more than happy to assist skilled tradesmen with all questions regarding hydraulics, among other things with our hydraulic box, which will significantly simplify installation.

Schematische Zeichnung Hydraulikbox
From wall-mounted fan convectors, fan coils on or in the ceiling, to trench convector systems, we always supply the right comfort solution to operate with heat pump systems.

That's why it has to be low temperature

In almost all heating systems, the temperature of the heating water is crucial for their efficient operation. A traditional gas boiler supplies hot water at approximately 55 °C to panel radiators. This is referred to as a high-temperature system. The exact temperature of this water depends on the combination of heat generator (gas boiler) and room unit (radiator) selected. When you use a heat pump with suitable room units in place of a gas heating system, this is what is known as a low-temperature system operated with water at around 35 °C.

The following is true: high water temperatures are less efficient than low water temperatures. This increases the energy requirement and heating costs and, of course, also greenhouse gas emissions.

Certain heat pumps can reach temperatures above 55 °C, but always at the expense of efficiency. The use of system temperatures of 35 °C instead of 55 °C quickly makes systems 25-35% more efficient and therefore more economical. So look out for our “Heat Pump ready” label when selecting suitable heat pump products.

Heat Pump City

Which way is Heat Pump City?

In an environment where the era of fossil heating is over, are you still looking for your way? We'll be happy to give you some guidance. Fortunately, Heat Pump City is not all that different. Because in heat pump systems, although the heat generator is new, planners and craftsmen have access to one of the largest product ranges for room units. Always suitable for every application.

Welcome to the age of low temperature.

Welcome to Heat Pump City!

Heat pump units for office buildings

Many companies are suffering from rising energy prices. Heat pumps combined with decentralised units for the temperature control of offices are a sensible departure from dependence on fossil fuels.

Katherm HK

Katherm HK

Designed for use in front of floor-to-ceiling windows, fan-assisted trench convector systems comfortably air-condition offices, meeting rooms or foyers without obstructing the view.

Their intelligent air flow protects the room from radiated cold in winter and radiated heat in summer.

Fully enclosed within the floor, all you see is the flush cover grille.

🠖 Katherm HK


The ceiling unit is concealed within the ceiling: all that is visible is the minimalist front cover in the suspended ceiling. The air intake and outlet are incorporated within this cover and are designed to prevent draughts even in low-ceilinged rooms.

KaDeck is the slimmest ceiling-mounted unit of its kind with a depth of only 16 cm.

🠖 Fan Coil KaDeck

Heat pump units for industrial buildings

Unit heaters are also suitable for economical and comfortable temperature control in the age of heat pumps in production halls, warehouses and logistics buildings.

Heat pumps solely supply the energy in new buildings. In existing buildings, you may wish only to add a heat pump-unit heater combination to take the load off an existing gas boiler.

Lufterhitzer TOP


In high-ceilinged halls and sheds, our special low-temperature TOP unit heater model ensures effective air mixing in the heat pump system.

When equipped with the right accessories for customised air guidance, they produce a draught-free climate in the occupied zone. And accumulated heat under the ceiling, which is often produced with other systems, is not lost, but is moved and used to heat the building.

🠖 Unit Heater TOP
Ultra Allround

Ultra Allround

The design unit efficiently transports warm air in halls up to seven metres into the occupied zone, creating a comfortable climate there.

You can even use the heat pump’s cooling function with the Ultra Allround. The round unit distributes cooled air in all directions, which then slowly falls and mixes with the indoor air. This offers considerable added value in hot summers, where a there is a lot of process heat or precision production processes.

🠖 Ultra Allround

Heat pump units for hotels

Nowadays, hotel guests expect their rooms to be at a pleasant temperature, and also cooled in summer.

The operator of the hotel wants low operating costs. Heat pumps are perfect to meet both requirements and are much more sustainable than so-called split units, in which large volumes of climate-harming, toxic or flammable refrigerant circulates through the building. Heat pumps only carry temperature-controlled water into the rooms, where it is treated by so-called fan coils to produce a pleasant room climate.

Fancoil Venkon


Kampmann Venkons are the quietest fan coils of their kind. This is especially important in hotel rooms to ensure that guests enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Venkons heat and cool rooms by moving temperature-controlled air along the ceiling of the room before allowing it to drop at an imperceptible speed. This is totally comfortable and can be individually controlled by the guest within a defined efficiency range.

🠖 Fan Coil Venkon
Fancoil KaCool D AF

KaCool D AF

Hotels are multifunctional buildings. Apart from guest bedrooms, they also include meeting rooms, restaurants or foyers. KaCool D AF fan coils are suitable for all these areas: a heating and cooling ceiling-mounted unit for use with heat pumps.

Incidentally, “AF” is short for “AtmosFeel”, the characteristic of the unit that generates a completely draught-free air stream along the ceiling of the room.

🠖 Fan Coil KaCool D AF

Heat pump units for the home

The myth that a heat pump in your own home only works with underfloor heating is long out of date. Fan-assisted heaters, also known as heat pump heaters or low-temperature heaters, represent a convenient solution for use in the home.

PowerKon LT

PowerKon LT

Our PowerKon LT is just such a unit. It is ideally suited for use in new buildings.

However, it is also likely to be very popular, especially in existing houses. The PowerKon LT makes it easy to switch from an oil or gas heating system to a heat pump. And even with a cooling function, depending on the pipework and individual comfort requirements.

🠖 PowerKon LT

Cooling with heat pumps

Almost as an after-thought, you also benefit from a heat pump’s cooling function.

Many heat pumps already incorporate this functionality. You can therefore supply the appropriate room units with hot water, but also with cold water, which you can use to cool your building.

There may be a need for further insulation of the pipes and the removal of condensate water depending on the cooling output you require. So why not consciously design in a cooling function from the get-go. Then you’re sure to have a lot of pleasure with this added comfort.

Kampmann heat pumps

The KaClima series is our range of efficient heat pumps and chillers for the commercial sector. We use R32 refrigerant, which has a low greenhouse gas potential.

KaClima heat pumps are installed outside the building so that no refrigerant circulates within the building, even with the minimal volumes of our units. Kampmann’s standard range covers an output range of 4 to 124 kW of heat output, or 5 to 120 kW of cooling output. We would be pleased to supply further output and equipment requirements as stand-alone project solutions.

Wärmepumpen von Kampmann