Project planning in the background

We ensure that the designed products are adapted perfectly to the structural conditions. Our partners usually remain unaware of the large amount of design work that we do in the background. Just leave it to us.

To mention but one example, we’ll also calculate everything you need to hydraulically balance the round pipe outlets for our emco Klima brand. It’s particularly the total length of the round pipe system – but also the nominal diameter, the number and length of slits – that requires the use of defined fixed resistances in systems with round pipes so that it becomes possible to vary the pressure conditions within them without negatively affecting their uniform look.

Where things starts to really become fun: special solutions

Besides defining general requirements, architects and building owners also often make special demands on the appearance, materials, colours and shapes of the components used in the system. Which is why we make it possible to adapt trench heating systems to curving façades and to integrate elements that already exist at the site, e.g. columns. You have little space available for central ventilation and air-conditioning equipment? We’ve installed our NOVA ventilation and air-conditioning units in the tiniest of cellars and smallest of roof spaces. Think of us as your competent partner for any special requirement.

We’re able to carry out a variety of measurements and equipment tests during the design phase for prototypes that are in development at our in-house research and development centre. Reliability during the planning phases of your project is also ensured with the help of the computer-aided simulation of solution approaches.

We’ll also realise special designs in close coordination with other trades, e.g. wooden claddings and individually manufactured parapet claddings. And provide support to the executing companies on site with our own fitters if necessary.

Why not get in touch with us? And we’ll find the special solution that meets your individual needs.