Gas-free: heat pumps for existing and new industrial sheds

Are you looking for an energy-efficient heating system for your industrial shed but without gas? Our solution: low water temperature systems.

Save costs at the same time lower CO2 emissions compared to gas-fired systems by combining unit heaters with heat pumps to heat large spaces, industrial sheds and retail spaces.

Heat pumps supply the unit heaters with low-temperature low pressure hot water LPHW for maximum efficiency. The system also produces pleasant temperatures and a comfortable indoor environment without the risk of draughts in the occupied zone.

Benefits of using unit heaters with heat pumps

Independent of gas
Low temperature

What does low water temperature mean?

Low water temperature systems are designed to operate with low supply water temperatures.

Supply temperature 40 °C*
Return temperature 35 °C
Room air temperature 18 °C

Heat can thus be provided more economically.

*Other temperatures are possible depending on the project.

Existing building or new build: how do you heat an industrial shed with heat pumps?

You can become more independent and save costs in the long term with a low water temperature solution – whether in addition to your existing heating system or as a complete system in a new building.

Diagram of heating load in existing buildings
Heating in existing buildings: the heat pumps provide heating up to the bivalent point. The existing gas-fired heating system assists at temperatures below this.

The use of heat pumps in existing buildings

A bivalent supply is possible in existing buildings. Heat output and energy are saved by adding heat pumps to an existing system. The number of unit heaters installed and the heat pump output can be individually varied as required. This enables customers to heat cost-effectively and in an environmentally-friendly manner up to the bivalent point without gas. What is more: the higher the proportion supplied by the heat pump to the existing system, the lower the gas consumption.

Diagram heating load in new buildings
A solution for heating in new buildings: heat pumps and unit heaters as a complete all-year-round system (monovalent supply).

The use of heat pumps in new buildings

We recommend a monovalent supply for new buildings. 100 % of the heat load of a building is met by heat pumps, with no need at all for a gas supply.

Is a low water temperature system capable of heating an industrial shed?

Designing the heating of an industrial shed with heat pumps differs significantly from conventional calculation approaches with high operating temperatures.

Building services designers and installation contractors now need to work with low system temperatures, installing multiple small units rather than a few powerful units. This change to the conventional approach will be worth your while. We’d be glad to advise you.

Pleasant temperatures even with a low supply temperature

Kampmann unit heaters are mounted on the ceiling. The right number and size of unit heaters produce systems that create minimal temperature stratification in industrial sheds. Pleasant temperatures are generated in the occupied zone and there are virtually no energy-intensive cushions of air under the roof of the industrial shed. This produces a comfortable environment for the people who work there, and generates efficiencies for the operator and the environment.

Comfort without the risk of draughts

The building services principle that dictates that the air discharge temperature should never be lower than the body temperature no longer applies. A low water temperature system with unit heaters consists of multiple smaller units, with the result that no large volume flows need to be moved in one place. Low outlet temperatures do not pose a problem if the air velocity is minimal in the occupied zone!

See for yourself the effectiveness of the system in our simulation. You can see that even with an outside temperature of -12 °C, there is a temperature of over 18 °C in the occupied zone supplied draught-free. Find out more about this here.

Can I also cool my low water temperature operated industrial shed?

Absolutely. Particularly if you have an industrial shed with a high heat load. We will select the right units for your application and choose the correct system temperatures.

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