Complete range and countless models

Kampmann is the only manufacturer on the market to offer unit heaters with outputs ranging from 6.5 to 89 kW, thereby guaranteeing the right unit for every space. You can rely on that!

You can always work with the same units instead of with a range of different manufacturers and technologies. This means reliability, time savings and routine.

An individually tailored solution can be found for every project to perfectly meet all the project-specific requirements: whether you need heating and/or cooling or wish to install the units in an industrial or commercial space or on a sales floor. After all, the unit heater range with EC technology delivers an exceptionally wide output range.

Heat and cooling outputs


Systematic conversion to EC technology

As the market leader, Kampmann is pointing the way and has converted its entire unit heater range to EC technology. One technology for the entire unit heater range? YES, because it is systematic.

The intelligent EC electronics makes possible infinitely variable speed control with an optimum motor operating point across the entire speed range. This approach avoids unnecessary energy consumption and constantly saves operating costs – the crucial benefit over obsolete AC technology.

For customers this means one thing above all: design certainty. EC motors are synonymous with efficiency and will thus also comply in future with the requirements of the European Union’s Ecodesign Directive for energy-related products (ErP), which will be further tightened in 2022.

The EC technology used in the unit heaters also promises lower noise emissions, as the whisper-quiet, sickle-blade fans fitted run evenly quietly, even at high output. The unit heaters are therefore only operated within the output range needed.


The key quality features of the EC unit heater range at a glance

TOP for tough conditions

  • new diameters and models across the entire range
  • enhanced volumetric flows and heat outputs 
  • model 8 – for extremely high-ceilinged halls (up to 20 m)

TOP C - for the first rays of summer

  • bring cool air into your warehouse on hot days with the TOP C
  • offer cooling as an option, even when your client only asks for hall heating 
  • up to now a project-specific solution – the all-rounder now becomes a standard product

TIP - simple, efficient, cost-effective

  • the little brother of TOP unit heaters, boasting the same design, but with a smaller range of accessories 
  • only available with copper/aluminium heat exchanger (less suitable to meet the specific requirements associated with aggressive substances, grease or dust in the air)
  • let us take a close look at your project – whether TIP or TOP, we’ll find a solution

Ultra - Versatile for planning on a large scale

  • unchanged range of models 
  • design modifications for better performance

Site heater EC - Mobile use - as slab heating or site heating

  • get through the winter without weather-related interruptions, ensure the on-schedule completion of your projects
  • they provide greater safety than electric and gas radiators, thanks to their automatic restart, the EC units work reliably even in the event of a power failure
  • all EC site heaters come as standard factory-fitted and wired with a European plug, main switch and speed controller 0 - 100 % as well as an industrial thermostat

All unit heaters are operated with the company’s in-house developed KaControl controller. The units can also be integrated via standardised interfaces, such as KNX, Modbus or KNX, into higher-level networks or building automation systems. Up to 60 units can therefore be controlled in a maximum of 24 zones.


‘Made in Germany’ is not just an empty promise at Kampmann. The unit heaters are produced in Germany, as are the bought-in components, such as the fans.