Hotel air conditioning for an atmosphere of high comfort with low energy consumption

Essen/Lingen (Ems), 06.03.2018. On the basis of their extensive product portfolio, Kampmann demonstrated holistic system solutions for hotel air conditioning from one source at the SHK Essen 2018. The systems work according to the principle “centralised ventilation and decentralised heating/cooling” and thus cater for high air quality and comfort at low energy consumption in all areas of the building.

The necessary air exchange is secured by a freely configurable centralised ventilation unit by the subsidiary nova with a highly efficient heat recovery system. Upmarket demands of comfort in the rooms are fulfilled by the very quiet and flexibly usable Venkon Fan Coils with primary air connection. In the exquisite restaurant conference or wellness areas, the air is, for example, supplied via the multifaceted, linear outlets of emco Klima GmbH, who are a new member of the group. For the demand-oriented heating/cooling of rooms, trench heating systems have proven to be very reliable in these rooms, systems such as the powerful Katherm HK or the particularly compact Katherm QK nano.

Quiet comfort in hotel rooms

Kampmann is the market leader in the very quiet comfort air conditioning of hotel rooms with the Venkon fan convector. Thanks to its energy-saving EC technology, it reaches a noise pressure level of less than 20 dB(A) at low speeds and is practically inaudible to the guest. The unit has a heating capacity of 1.4 to 22.1 kW and a cooling capacity of 08 to 9.5 kW and is optionally installed in a customised ceiling cover available in any RAL colour in the hall. The room air can be suctioned invisibly via a shadow gap. A hidden inspection opening caters for fast and simple maintenance.

Discreet look in exquisite rooms

Linear outlets are recommended for the demand-oriented supply of air into restaurant, conference or wellness areas. The SAL product range by emco Klima, for example, allows for an appealing ceiling design and optimised comfort conditions in these exquisite zones at volume flows of up to 790 m³/h per running metre. Significant for this are the very flexible manually or motorised adjustable air ducts as well as the infinitely adjustable control of the supply speed and the volume flows by changing the cross-section of the air-guiding roller.

Heating/cooling of the room is taken care of hereby the compact and high-performance Kampmann trench heating systems. The units are particularly suitable for rooms with large-surface window façades. The Katherm HK achieves a heating capacity of up to 14.2 kW and a cooling capacity of up to 2.7 kW with its very small size thanks to the interplay of the high-performance heat exchanger and the EC cross-blow fan. In places where the usual trench heating solutions cannot be implemented for space reasons that is where the particularly compact Katherm QK nano with its mere 70 mm duct height and 165mm width comes to use. In combination with its filigree grille cover, it also satisfies the highest architectural demands.

High efficiency for centralised ventilation

When it comes to hotel air conditioning, the ventilation and air conditioning systems of the subsidiary Nova are mainly responsible for ensuring the necessary air exchange in the entire building complex. Accordingly, they reduce the volume flows needed and supplementary heating or cooling units can be dispensed with. This means the ventilation units as well as the ducts can be designed significantly smaller and, at the same time, increase filter lifetimes.

The centralised ventilation units are customised to the respective project with air capacities of 1,000 to more than 100,000 m³/h and achieve the highest energy efficiency category A+ of the ventilation and air conditioning manufacturer association when designed accordingly. As they mainly work in outdoor air mode, heat recovery plays an important role. With the help of rotational and plate heat exchangers, efficiency factors of up to 85 % are achieved. Supplementary, the use of energy-saving Ka20 technology for indirect evaporative cooling, which reduces the outdoor air temperature in a natural way by about 20 K, is also possible.

About Kampmann

Kampmann GmbH is the market leader in the field of trench heating systems as well as fan heaters and one of the most established contacts for project-related air conditioning. They have a long tradition in cooling buildings with water-run systems, which are increasingly asserting themselves as trendsetting technology. The company provides its customers with a high quality of support from the planning stage to maintenance and employs about 820 employees worldwide.

The Kampmann system solutions combine centralised ventilation with decentralised room cooling/heating and provide for a demand-oriented and energy-efficient hotel air conditioning.

Upscale demands on comfort in the hotel bedrooms are guaranteed by the very quiet operation of a visually appealing integratable Venkon Fan Coils.

(Source: Kampmann GmbH)