Residential/office complex, Heilbronn

New building in Heilbronn, the “Catherine” city

Building owner: GH Gartenstraße GbR

Town/City: Heilbronn

Heilbronn – the Baden-Württemberg city with over 120,000 inhabitants is also known as the “City of Wine”. The reasons for this are the extensive wine-growing regions on the gentle hills around the city. However, the city is also known as the “Catherine city”, after Heinrich von Kleist’s famous play “Catherine of Heilbronn”. And since 2016, Heilbronn is also a “Kadeck city”. 17 KaDeck units provide flexible air conditioning in a recently constructed residential and commercial building close to the city centre.

The KaDeck is still a relatively recent Kampmann product. As the construction started in mid-2015, it was even still in its infancy. However, the designers quickly recognised the benefits that the unit offers: immensely high variability, ultra-shallow 160 millimetre construction height and a prestigious looking appearance.

Diverse companies operate out of the new building on the Gartenstrasse: a psychotherapy practice, a tax adviser and an advertising technology producer. In the latter company, the client opted to forego a suspended ceiling to create an industrial chic interior design where the KaDeck operates without a casing and is nevertheless stylish. In other office areas, the KaDeck blends unobtrusively into the grid dimensions of the suspended ceiling.

Unlike with conventional ceiling cassettes, an EC tangential fan helps to accelerate the air – a quality that the KaDeck has taken over from the Katherm – the force behind the development. That is why the KaDeck shares similar qualities with Kampmann trench heating units: quiet, efficient and with sophisticated technology for perfect air flow. Not forgetting its ease of maintenance: in terms of practicality, the entire bottom of the unit doubles as a service hatch, so that all maintenance-related components are within easy reach.

But back to the advertising technology manufacturer: Apart from the KaDeck units, there are also ventilation ducts under the solid ceiling. The Kampmann type RRA circular pipe diffusers are proof that ducts can also look good. But, of course, it’s their inner values that really count: the air stream direction can be individually adjusted – even once installed, for example should the use of a room change. The RRA ensures rapid temperature and speed reduction and is available as a V2A model and with internal coating for sensitive areas.

Products used



Versatile air conditioning for existing and new-build offices.


linear pipe diffuser, consisting of a section of pipe with a circular cross-section with slot rails mounted in an axial direction, welded along the longitudinal seam