OBI Market, Hamburg-Bergedorf

GreenBuilding certificate for new DIY store

Building owner: Procom Unternehmensgruppe, Hamburg

Town/City: Hamburg-Bergedorf

OBI has opened yet another "green branch" with this new building in Hamburg-Bergedorf. The DIY store has been awarded the GreenBuilding certificate as part of the European Commission's climate protection programme to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and the use of renewable energy. The site met the requirements and was some 25% below the primary energy requirements prescribed by the Energy Saving Directive (EnEV). (Thermal evidence provided by Pohlkamp Architecture and Energy, Telgte).

As the first German manufacturer to be awarded the title "Endorser in GreenBuilding", Kampmann offers a sophisticated range of products that support the low use of primary energy. Energy-efficient benefits come from the combination of centralised and decentralised air conditioning and CO2-led control of ventilation.

Six ventilation units with a total air volume of 40,000 m³ /h provide central ventilation in the DIY store. The store also has 84% heat recovery due to the efficiency of the double-plate heat exchangers. The central ventilation units are designed by Kampmann GmbH in Lingen and produced by Nova Apparate GmbH in Donaueschingen. The skill in the design of the system is the combination of traditional central ventilation with decentralised unit heaters. The ventilation system is CO2-led, with power consumption being as low as possible, and therefore only as much as is necessary. TOP unit heaters provide decentralised heating in the DIY market and heat the various zones to the required temperature on demand. Thanks to the use of EC motors, power consumption for the 10,000 m² sales floor is reduced to a minimum, in line with the current state-of-the-art.

In the checkout and information desk area – the main area in which staff work – Galaxis radiant ceiling panels create a pleasant working atmosphere with thermal radiation.

Vario door air curtains are installed at the customer entrances with ProtecTor door air curtains across the industrial doorways to provide effective protection of the interior climate.

Combined with a number of skylights, the daylight-dependent lighting control is a further measure to achieve GreenBuilding status. Further key measures include an optimised building shell and the use of a gas absorption heat pump.

Products used



Wall and ceiling-mounted units – the warm air solution for almost all requirements.


Ambient and warm air stream acting as door screening across large doorways.