AMERON Alpsee Resort & Spa, Hohenschwangau

New resort in an exclusive position near Neuschwanstein Castle

Building owner: AMERON Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resort & Spa

Town/City: Hohenschwangau

The most impressive view of the AMERON Alpsee Resort & Spa is from the crystal clear lake. At the pointed end of the lake, you can see the hotel buildings. Hohenschwangau Castle rises above them to the left and on the other side, the fairytale castle Neuschwanstein majestically towers above the picturesque scenery. There is no doubt about it: the AMERON Hotel Alpsee could not be in a more attractive position.

The “AMERON Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resort & Spa” - giving the hotel its full name - was created by restoring the historic houses “Lisl”, “Alpenrose”, and “Jägerhaus”, which were then supplemented and connected by the new-builds “Galeria” and “Seehaus”. Here you will find 137 guest rooms and suites, a conference area with three conference rooms and two events rooms, three restaurants, and a bar, as well as a spa area covering 850 square metres – with heating and climate control by Kampmann which is so quiet you would hardly notice it.

There is a good reason why the “Galeria”, which also includes the reception, was given its name: An almost seven metre high wall of windows provides a spectacular view of Hohenschwangau Castle across the hill. To protect the space from cold draughts, Katherm QK are installed in front of the façade. The trench convector is fitted with a particularly quiet EC tangential fan and a high powered copper-aluminium convector. The Katherm QK can be adapted to suit individual requirements: Mitred corners, curved units, column cut-outs, chamfered ends – all shapes are possible.

There are Venkon Fan Coils in the rooms which contribute towards the cosy atmosphere. They are installed as customary for the unit when building hotels: In the suspended ceiling above the entrance area of the room. From here, as the quietest unit in the market, the Venkon heats, cools, and filters the air in accordance with VDI 6022.

After nearly two years of construction, the Ameron-Alpsee-Hotel opened its doors on March 11, 2019. To achieve this goal, they worked throughout the winter. TIP unit heaters provided warmth and ensured that the hotel could be completed without stopping building work. The rugged TIP which operates cost-effectively is available for wall and ceiling installation.

Products used

Katherm QK

Katherm QK

EC tangential fan-assisted convection with small dimensions.


Fan coils, recirculating air. Heating, cooling and filtering for maximum comfort.