Hanseatische Baugenossenschaft Hamburg (HBH), Hamburg

Office, retail and residential units

Building owner: Hanseatische Baugenossenschaft Hamburg

Town/City: Hamburg

Normally, the Hanseatische Baugenossenschaft builds houses for members of their association. As an exception, the HBH has now built something for themselves: In April 2019, the association moved into its new business premises in Hamburg Barmbek. At the corner of Lämmersieth/Bramfelder Straße, the HBH has constructed a striking building with a red brick façade, making a visual reference to the architecture of the working class settlements in Hamburg in the first half of the 20th century. But there is nothing historic about the climate control system - it is fully rooted in the here and now.

Cooling rooms: Invisible, free of draughts, and with full design flexibility - this is what you get with Kampmann chilled ceiling systems. At the Hanseatische Baugenossenschaft, the chilled ceiling is “hidden” behind perforated plasterboard. Thanks to the versatile ways plasterboard ceilings can be used, it is possible to design up to 80 % of the ceiling area as a chilled ceiling.

A significant benefit of chilled ceilings is that the system is completely silent. And on top of that: The perforated plasterboard even provides additional sound absorption. The system also radiates the energy providing cooling: Without any draughts, ensuring highest levels of comfort. This means that the HBH staff can work with optimal room acoustics and the best possible climate – an important factor for satisfaction in the workplace.

A high level of comfort also includes fresh air. This is provided at Lämmersieth by type SAL 35 slot diffusers which are elegantly and discretely integrated in the plasterboard panels. The SAL 35 diffuser is fitted with an air guide roller which continuously controls the air flow speed and the volume flow. The diffuser can be joined together to form slotted bands of any length. The number of slots can be varied to be appropriate to the location: In Hamburg there are one or two slots which finish flush with the chilled ceiling.

Products used



Feed and exhaust air slot diffuser in single or multiple-row version, consisting of aluminium extruded profiles