New Ultra Allround design unit
for open ceilings

Heating and cooling in low temperature mode

They are an indispensable element in stores and supermarkets, industrial and commercial buildings: Kampmann unit heaters. They deliver an optimum indoor climate and comfort in the occupied zone. Kampmann has developed a real all-rounder, both technically and visually, in order to take into account increased design demands: our new design Ultra Allround ceiling unit.

The Ultra Allround is a design unit for use with open ceilings and a real attention-grabbing unit.

The new Ultra Allround at a glance

  • Design ceiling unit for heating and cooling for ceiling heights of up to 7 m
  • Bottom air outlet (heating mode), side outlet (cooling mode)
  • Energy costs can be saved by minimal temperature stratification
  • Intelligent air flow ensures comfort in the occupied zone
  • Blends into the interior design, fully or partially encased, as required
  • Installation heights of up to seven metres are possible
  • Suitable for use with heat pumps

Heat Pump ready

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Where can the Ultra Allround design ceiling unit be installed?

As a high-quality design unit, the Allround is ideal for use in open ceiling schemes, both in the public and industrial sector. The circular encased housing is designed to discharge warm or cold air into the occupied zone, as required, creating a comfortable climate at all times. The Ultra Allround can be operated up to a ceiling height of 7 m.

How exactly does heating and cooling work in low temperature mode?

The Ultra Allround is a decentralised terminal unit, which transports the warm air at a high pulse rate to a great depth. This prevents thermal energy from being lost through thermal stratification under the ceiling, as is the case with many other systems.

The Ultra Allround is “Heat Pump ready” due to its very large heat exchangers. It achieves an output of up to 22 kW in low temperature mode, and up to 50 kW at higher system temperatures of 75/55 °C.

Ultra Allround Heizen

When switching to cooling mode, the Ultra Allround uses a servomotor to change the air outlet so that the cooled air is distributed laterally in all directions.

When it drops to the occupied zone, it mixes comfortably with the indoor or room air. Effective cooling is possible, for example, with LPHW fed by a heat pump. Frequently this uses normal system temperatures of 7/12 °C to achieve a cooling output of up to 21 kW. The design ceiling unit thus contributes to precise production processes, even in summer when cooling is required. They can even be used in halls in which process heat is produced.

Ultra Allround Kuehlen

Completely thought through both inside and outside

The Ultra Allround offers building services designers a solution that fits perfectly into the open ceiling architecture of rooms with public traffic, such as stores and supermarkets. A further benefit: the unit can also be manufactured in the operator’s preferred colour of choice. A full or partial metal cover is available for the housing of the unit heater. It can be more or less visible depending on the EPP design of the Ultra Allround.

What material is the ceiling unit made of?

The keyword here is EPP (expanded polypropylene), from which the interior design and thus a large part of the Ultra Allround is manufactured. The EPP components have undergone a complex design process in the company's own Research and Development Centre to produce a perfect air flow within the unit.

Only then does the operator experience the major benefits of the unit: the air is guided within the unit with a high level of air-tightness – for maximum efficiency. Another benefit is the low weight of the material, the foam balls of which contain air in addition to plastic.

It is therefore not a problem for installers to fit the unit even at a high height. EPP is also environmentally friendly, as it reduces the amount of material required and enables it to be fully recycled.

Ultra Allround