The new KaDeck fan coil is lighter and quieter with a longer service life

Kampmann KaDeck fan coils have been successful products since 2016.

Purely externally viewed, like other ceiling cassettes, KaDeck heat or cool the room air. The unit also distributes fresh air if required. However, the major difference lies in the technology of the unit. Kampmann KaDeck maximise all the benefits of an EC tangential fan to move the air, unlike other ceiling cassettes that use a radial fan.


Kampmann has now incorporated the experience it has gained in recent years together with valuable customer opinions to design a comprehensively optimised version of the unit. The new unit is lighter and quieter with a longer service life.

KaDeck units have always been good, because of their ...

  • excellent versatility of shape ad colour
  • minimal height of only 165 millimetres
  • high-quality design
  • efficient EC technology
  • and no need for a service opening

The new KaDeck unit is now even better because it ...

  • is available as a 4-pipe unit
  • supplies twice the primary air volume
  • includes an imperceptible condensate pump
  • is easy-to-install, thanks to its weight reduction
  • and differential pressure-independent valves can be integrated

The new KaDeck relies totally on EPP

EPP stands for "expanded polypropylene". The material is ultra-light, high-strength, insulating, recyclable and thus ideal for playing a major role in the new KaDeck: the EPP insulation guarantees a considerably lighter weight unit, is sound-damping, and prevents heat losses.

Designers and architects alike appreciate maximum possible visual understatement when it comes to air conditioning units. Ideally they disappear or blend into their surroundings. Should you happen to catch a glimpse of a unit, it will blend seamlessly with the interior architecture, a feature of the interior design. And this is precisely what the new KaDeck offers: the high-quality EPP design with its concealed hinges and locks is totally restrained, but nonetheless pleasing on the eye. This factor is further enhanced by its variable range of colours. Apart from the standard white colour (RAL 9016), the KaDeck can be finished in any colour the customer wishes. And in response to numerous customer requests, the air inlet grille is now white and no longer grey (RAL 9006).

Fundamentally new

However, the new KaDeck has been fundamentally optimised and not just "EPPtimised": the air inlet now features a permanent filter, and the unit is easier to install and clean than its predecessor. Improvements have also been made to the condensate drain. And the KaDeck is even a little quieter, thanks to the barely perceptible condensate pump and new motor technology.

Its minimal overall height of only 165 millimetres makes it extremely versatile to use. Apart from installing it within a suspended ceiling, as usual, KaDeck units can also be installed underneath the ceiling (e.g. with a 2-sided outlet), even with low ceiling heights. And they look attractive too. All KaDeck designs also fit into a 600 x 600 mm ceiling grid.

Easy-to-install and maintenance-friendly unit

As already mentioned, the new KaDeck is now easier to install than its predecessor, thank to its lighter construction and lower number of components, both easier on the installer's back. The minimal number of KaDeck components helps to avoid installation errors, at the same time making the unit more reliable to operate.

Our Research & Development Centre is responsible for both developing and also constantly optimising products. At this juncture, we should like to thank our customers for the excellent working relationships we have with them coupled with their constructive feedback. This feedback can be examined by our product developers and incorporated into the ongoing improvement of our products.