Unit heaters with efficient EC technology for every application

  • Conversion of the complete TOP range to EC fans
  • Exceptionally wide performance range
  • New models specifically designed for use in high-ceilinged halls and with cooling function
  • 5-year warranty on each unit 

Lingen, 01.09.2020. All Kampmann GmbH & Co. KG TOP unit heater models are now fitted with efficient EC motors as standard. The intelligent EC electronics fundamentally offers infinitely variable speed control with an optimum motor operating point across the entire speed range. Every space can therefore be supplied with energy to meet demand and avoid unnecessarily high consumption. This saves operating costs in the long term and is the decisive advantage over outdated AC technology. Furthermore, due to their efficiency, the unit heaters offer a high degree of design certainty as they will continue to meet the requirements of the EU Ecodesign Directive for energy-related products (ErP). The whisper-quiet sickle-blade fan is a further quality feature of the units, which works extremely quietly in combination with the optimised full nozzle, ensuring a quiet working and ambience and occupied zone. The unit heaters in the series also cover an exceptionally wide performance range, so that a suitable solution can be found for every application that ideally meets all project-specific requirements. There is also a new model in the range to meet very high heat requirements and large air volumes, the air volume of which far exceeds the values of comparable products on the market. The new TOP C unit also supplies heating and cooling. This solution is the Lingen-based German company’s response to the increased demand for a simple cooling option for commercial and industrial halls. All unit heaters – including bought-in components – are produced entirely in Germany, and each model in the series carries a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

Due to their efficiency and low noise emissions, TOP unit heaters are ideal for heating industrial and commercial workplaces, sales rooms, warehouses or sports halls. The new model 8 can comfortably distribute the conditioned air from the ceiling to the occupied zone at floor level in halls up to 20 metres high, enabling it to be used in high-bay warehouses or aircraft hangars, among other places. This is made possible by its short diffuser with discharge guide blades, which converts dynamic pressure to static pressure, increasing the total air output without the need for additional electrical drive power. Despite operating as a recirculating air unit, it does not have a filter and so there is no need to change the filter at an extreme height. As part of the conversion to modern EC technology, there has also been a change to the model 7 unit, which is now available with a new diameter and additional motor version.

An unusually wide range of different accessories is available for all models in the series, enabling the units to be easily adapted to the respective spatial conditions and technical requirements. Several heat exchanger versions are therefore available. Units with copper-aluminium heat exchanger are available for simple applications, while the galvanised steel version is particularly suitable for applications with more complex requirements. The range is completed by a special cross-counterflow heat exchanger for use with district heating systems or with large temperature spreads. Air guidance can also be individually adapted by the use of accessories. Unit heaters are equipped with a single-row louvre as standard. The air can optionally be discharged through a double-row louvre or other air diffusers, optionally available. The special KaMax diffuser, for example, also permits comfortable air distribution from the ceiling to the occupied zone at floor level, even with very high halls. The extensive range of accessories also includes components for operation with recirculating air, mixed air or primary air.

Control of the unit heaters is provided by the company’s own KaControl system. The units can also be integrated via standardised interfaces into higher-level networks or building automation systems, such as KNX, Modbus or KNX. Up to 60 units can be controlled in a maximum of 24 zones with the KaControl SEL control panel. 

About Kampmann

Kampmann GmbH is one of the market leaders for trench systems and unit heaters and is one of the most established contacts for project-related air conditioning. It has a long tradition of water-based systems in the cooling of buildings, which is increasingly emerging as a future-centric technology. The company offers its customers a high quality of service, from planning to maintenance, and employs some 950 people worldwide.

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