emco Klima: tailor-made ventilation and air-conditioning technology with intelligent control concepts

Innovative product developments along with individual energy-efficient, comfortable ventilation and air-conditioning solutions that improve users’ well-being and comfort 

Emco Klima presented innovative product developments along with individual energy-efficient, comfortable ventilation and air-conditioning solutions that improve users’ well-being and comfort at the ISH 2017 in Frankfurt. At the fair, the company focused on showcasing its key skills in the fields of industrial ventilation, round pipe systems, slot outlets, decentralised air-conditioning and individual project business. The presentation also focused on the company’s areas of expertise where it has already been able to successfully set itself apart from the competition on the market and where it intends to specialise even further in the future. The range of skills is characterised primarily by the company’s tailor-made solutions that draw on its comprehensive professional and technical know-how as well as on intelligent control technology. In this regard, the company has also entered into strategic partnerships to enable it to more efficiently meet the associated requirements. The objective here is long-term cooperation for recurring projects that, for example, the company has already been able to win on the basis of its special solutions for room-in-room systems and the retail sector. Realistic laboratory tests that are carried out at the company’s own research and development centre on the basis of detailed test protocols allow the performance of the solutions planned for the individual conditions of use to be verified even before work on a specific project has commenced.

emco Klima presented a round displacement air outlet for the realisation of mixed ventilation solutions as the latest development in the industrial sector, which represents one of the company’s key skills. The emcoair IVA comes with an infinitely variable flow-direction control that allows a range of settings between vertical and horizontal radial jets to be made. The control makes the creation of optimum and comfortable flows through rooms possible for both heating and cooling applications. The air outlet has been specially designed and executed in such a way that enables it to achieve high penetration depths in excess of 12 metres and throw distances in excess of seven metres at low sound power levels. The new product is therefore particularly suitable for use in large halls and rooms, such as industrial and production sites, commercial and trade-fair halls and concert and event venues. The interface to the company’s own differential temperature controller makes it easily possible to fully automatically control several air outlets in a single zone. Silicone-free, stainless-steel and explosion-proof versions are also optionally available for special requirements, e.g. in the automotive or food industries.

The company also showcased new components in the field of round pipe systems that present a uniform look and offer high levels of user comfort. Other additions to the portfolio included a special silencer with internal insulation and a sleeve for inspection and cleaning work in compliance with the hygiene requirements set out in VDI Guideline 6022. The components integrate harmoniously into the smooth look of the pipes used within the overall system of pipes. The manufacturer is furthermore the only company on the market to supply a pipe outlet that is adjusted by an electric motor (RRA-V) and that is so particularly suitable for providing comfort air-conditioning from greater installation heights and in especially sensitive areas; a differential temperature controller may also be added to the system. This controller operates completely independently on the basis of two different setpoint curves that have already been programmed at the factory in accordance with the planning specifications. It may also be used in conjunction with the company’s broad range of other products, which includes air outlets, smooth pipes, fittings and connections in various materials and colour finishes to realise the perfect system of round pipes for almost any requirement – be it architecture or comfort. The manufacturer not only uses its specially developed design software to provide detailed proof of calibrated air volume flows in the planned round pipe systems, it is the first on the market to do so.

The company also presented a cooling ceiling panel with highly inductive air admission. The DIKAL was developed especially for the needs of modern office and administration buildings. The unit combines an air outlet and a water-based cooling system that is able to remove internal energy loads from buildings through the simultaneous use of both air and water. Greater cooling capacities without the requirement to increase volume flows beyond the those that are hygienically required may be realised with this system. Low sound power levels, uniform temperature distribution and draught-free air delivery into the occupied zones help realise high levels of acoustic and thermal comfort. The integration of all components into a compact unit that is only 320 millimetres wide and 145 millimetres high makes for space-saving installation and flexible room design. The new product also boasts a factory-fitted installation bracket that permits quick and easy installation in all common false ceiling designs. Only the aluminium fins that feature an architecturally sophisticated design remain visible after installation.

The manufacturer presented its ‘emco narewa’ system for treating natural water as another field of activity. The focus here is on working closely with the emco Water sales company, which was established last year, as well as on the wide range of applications in ventilation and air-conditioning systems in which the patented technology may be used. The innovative system employs such physical principles as shear forces, friction, cavitation and cold oxidation to verifiably reduce the microbiological burden in, for instance, evaporative cooling systems, air washers and humidification units in air-conditioning systems – and to do so without the need for chemical additives. The bio-surfactants released when germs are killed reduce surface tension by around another 40% and thus further improve the water’s flow and wetting properties. This has a positive effect on, among other things, the effectiveness of cooling and air humidification processes. Biofilms in piping and cooling circuits are also gradually broken down and permanently prevented from reforming. The compact water-treatment system is available in three sizes and nine performance classes ranging from 2.5 to 51 cubic metres an hour in either stainless-steel or aluminium housings and may be integrated into both open and closed circuits.