emco Klima: customer-oriented system solutions through specialisation in key skills

Skills in the fields of industrial ventilation, round pipe systems, slot outlets, decentralised air-conditioning and individual project business

emco Klima again underscored its high level of overall competence for delivering individual solutions in the ventilation and air-conditioning sector at the ISH 2017 in Frankfurt. The company highlighted its customer-oriented product developments that its comprehensive professional and technical know-how has enabled it to realise as well as the incorporation of intelligent control technology. The company’s presentation centred around its key skills in the fields of industrial ventilation, round pipe systems, slot outlets, decentralised air-conditioning and individual project business. It represented another aspect of the company’s concentration on those areas where it’s already been able to set itself apart from the competition on the market and where it intends to concentrate even more in the future.

Its activities in the industrial sector for modern ventilation technology revolve around the effective removal of heat and pollutant burdens at workplaces and production sites. Its demand-led mixing, displacement and layer ventilation systems enable the company to deliver the solution that’s appropriate to the situation – be it in industrial environments or large concert and event venues. The company is able to meet specific challenges by modifying the designs of tried-and-tested components and systems. When doing so, it always makes sure that the energy, material and cost expenditure remains as low as possible and that the installed technology neither disrupts nor restricts work or production processes. The IVA round displacement outlet, which allows the flow direction to be infinitely adjusted between vertical and horizontal radial jets is a development in the core field of industrial ventilation and is the latest addition to the company’s range.

The need for systems that combine demand-led ventilation with components for the decentralised removal of heating and cooling loads with water is, on the other hand, increasing in modern office and administration buildings. The company is not only able to provide high-quality consulting services that are built on comprehensive know-how, it is also able to draw on a technically sophisticated range of products that enable property-specific comfort solutions to be realised for almost any requirement profile. The manufacturer is able to demonstrate its competence in this field with a steadily growing number of successes in business with individual projects and its most recent product developments. These include, for instance, a round outlet that’s operated and adjusted with the help of an electric motor, which in turn may be upgraded with an autonomous differential temperature controller for greater heating and cooling comfort, and an induction cooling diffuser for ceilings that has been specifically designed for comfort applications.

The perfect interaction between demand-led ventilation and temperature control is monitored by the MFR multi-functional control, also developed by the company and which may be used with all its products. The intelligent integration and controlling of such external zone-relevant components as window contacts, blinds, presence detectors and lighting are also possible with this control. The control may therefore be used as the central building block for energy-efficient operation and for delivering great comfort to users.

The manufacturer also enters into strategic partnerships that allow it to satisfy the demands of business with individual projects more efficiently and to further enhance its profile as a problem solver in the field of sophisticated climate control. The objective here is long-term cooperation for recurring projects that, for example, the company has already been able to win on the basis of its special solutions for room-in-room systems and the retail sector. Realistic laboratory tests that are carried out at the company’s own research and development centre on the basis of detailed test protocols allow the performance of the solutions planned for the individual conditions of use to be verified even before work on a specific project has commenced.

The close links to emco Water, which was established last year, have resulted in natural water treatment becoming another field of expertise for the Lingen-based company. The ‘emco narewa’ system, for example, employs such physical principles as negative pressure and cavitation to verifiably reduce the microbiological burden in, for instance, evaporative cooling systems, air washers and humidification units in air-conditioning systems – and to do so without the need for chemical additives. This system’s patented technology further improves the properties of the water used, which helps significantly increase the effectiveness of cooling and humidification processes.