New managing director of sales and marketing at Nova

Donaueschingen, 18.07.2018. Ingo Kotting is the new managing director of sales and marketing at Nova Apparate GmbH. The graduate industrial engineer has been responsible in the newly created position for all activities in exterior and interior work at the subsidiary of Kampmann GmbH.

The prioritised goals are to align the sales structures to the strong company growth as well as to optimise the market presence and the cooperation with the parent company. In addition, Mr Kotting was granted power of representation to secure a promising company development. For his job, the 38-year old brings along in-depth knowledge of the sector and the market as well as many years of professional experience from both companies. He graduated from his dual studies at the Lingen manufacturers, then moved to Nova for two years after the majority participation in 2011 and his last responsibility was as the product manager for ventilation for the division ventilation and air conditioning at Kampmann.

“In recent years, we have obtained an even better position in this segment of the market and are achieving great successes with our customised solutions for the project business”, Mr Kotting explains “It is now my task to exploit the associated growth potential by optimising the structural processes as well as a targeted support of external and internal work. This includes the likes of Kampmann becoming more present abroad via Kampmann sales as well as fortifying our offer and order processing departments with more staff. Associated with this, the introduction of a dual study system is equally planned.” Furthermore, the awareness of the brand is to be increased by regularly taking part in exhibitions, social media activities as well as constantly updating our company website.

At the same time, the new managing director of sales and marketing would like to focus more strongly on the advisory skills of the field workers. “Our staff dispose of in-depth knowledge that ranges from technical details to relevant rules and standards for different fields of application and form the basic requirement for an optimal project-specific system design,” Mr Kotting explains. “Due to the upcoming centralisation of offer processing, we want to take a noticeable load off the field workers and this way, secure the necessary capacities for high quality one-to-one consulting in the long run.” In support of this, the range of training programmes for staff and customers as well as the possibilities of plant tours will be constantly extended.

Of equally high priority is a clear intensification of the collaboration between the parent company and the subsidiary. The specialist for centralised ventilation systems should benefit from the existing Kampmann infrastructure – such as from the Research and Development Centre or even from the marketing department. “We are distinguished in particular by the fact that we are able to offer ventilation and decentralised heating/cooling attuned to each other from one source. With emco Klima we now have another strong partner who ideally supplements the range of products with air outlets. And our job here is to also fully exploit synergy effects and, building on that, implement holistic solutions for almost every use case”. Says Mr Kotting finally.

About Nova

Nova Apparate GmbH is a consulting-oriented manufacturer of ventilation and air conditioning units. The competence lies in individually planned solutions with integrated process measuring and control and cooling technology. Nova Highline product line with modular scalable evaporation cooling systems is exemplary of the forward-looking character of the ventilation and air conditioning units manufacturer. Nova has been a part of Kampmann GmbH since 2011. Customers can thus be offered holistic systems from ventilation and air conditioning technology to decentralised components for supplying air and heating/cooling rooms. About 140 employees work for Nova. Kampmann employs a total of 820 people.

The main tasks for Ingo Kotting as new managing director of sales and marketing at Nova is aligning external and internal work structurally and staff-wise to the strong company growth in the long run.

(Source: Nova Apparate GmbH)