KaDeck – versatile air conditioning for offices

Measuring only 160 mm in height, KaDeck is shallower than any other ceiling air conditioning system, ensuring versatile air conditioning in offices and administration buildings.

ISH 2017, Frankfurt: The KaDeck represents Kampmann GmbH’s extremely shallow and versatile cooling system. There are four available installation options for ultra-versatile use making the KaDeck attractive for use in offices and administration buildings.

The judging panel for the Plus X Award is convinced by the benefits of the KaDeck. It simultaneously awarded the ceiling air conditioning system the “High Quality”, “Design” and “Functionality” quality seals.

Outstanding air conditioning technology

The basic prerequisite for taking part in the Plus X Award is that a product must be sufficiently innovative to raise it significantly above the market standard. In terms of functionality, the quality seal therefore attests to outstanding additional functions. However, product engineering focussed precisely on users' needs is also important to the judging panel. The KaDeck was presented with an award specifically for this functional design. The judging panel also praised its durability with the High Quality seal: “High-quality products are an investment in the future.”

Hygiene-compliant in line with VDI 6022 despite wet cooling

KaDeck has been optimised for both dry and wet cooling. KaDeck has recently also become available as a wet cooling model and is persuading customers with its even higher outputs and simple maintenance concept. A plastic condensation tray provides for tool-free maintenance. The construction of the KaDeck also allows it to be maintained without the need for additional service hatches in the ceiling, enabling the KaDeck to meet the requirements of the Hygiene Directive VDI 6022, even as a wet cooling model.

Whisper-quiet and without troubling draughts

It is essential to avoid disturbing noises and unpleasant draughts to ensure a pleasant indoor climate. The sophisticated airflow of the KaDeck is achieved by using the Coanda effect to provide comfort without generating draughts. EC tangential fans are also used, which make the KaDeck extremely energy-saving, infinitely controllable and extremely quiet. A further benefit is that the metal unit casing can be powder coated in all RAL colours, ensuring that it can be integrated discreetly into every interior design scheme.

About Kampmann

Kampmann GmbH is the market leader in trench heating and its name is synonymous with innovative product developments. The company has been serving its customers for over 45 years with individual solutions and intelligent systems. A wealth of technically pioneering developments in heating, cooling and ventilation have made Kampmann GmbH internationally successful. The company employs some 720 people worldwide.

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