Hybrid ECO – Solutions for the issues of our time

Kampmann is driving forward energy-efficient ventilation and air-conditioning with its Hybrid ECO System. The bidirectional ventilation systems with decentralised room temperature control offer economical and ecological benefits.

ISH 2017, Frankfurt: Kampmann offers solutions for the ventilation and air-conditioning of buildings with efficient heat recovery with its Hybrid ECO System. Room temperature control is provided by decentralised units in the interior of the room rather than by the centralised ventilation unit.

Hybrid ECO simplifies installation and saves costs

Downstream temperature control results in a number of benefits for operators. The ventilation and air conditioning unit can be sized significantly smaller, as it needs to transport less air, merely providing heat recovery and ventilation when required. A permanent CO2 sensor in the room supplies decentralised units with outside air when required, otherwise there is simply base-level ventilation or the ventilation unit is switched off. As a result, the ductwork can be designed much smaller and filter service lives in the ventilation and air conditioning unit are much longer.

Individual comfort in every room

The decentralised units use water for energy transfer. The energy required to transport and adjust the temperature of water is significantly less than with air. The Hybrid ECO principle of centralised ventilation with decentralised temperature control offers users individual comfort. Each and every individual room can be heated or cooled, as required, independently of the ventilation and air conditioning unit, allowing efficiency and individual comfort to be perfectly combined.

ErP-compliant system

Hybrid ECO Systems easily comply with and exceed the requirements of the European Parliament's 2016 and 2018 ErP Directive – also known as the EcoDesign Directive.

About Kampmann

Kampmann GmbH is the market leader in trench heating and its name is synonymous with innovative product developments. The company has been serving its customers for over 45 years with individual solutions and intelligent systems. A wealth of technically pioneering developments in heating, cooling and ventilation have made Kampmann GmbH internationally successful. The company employs some 720 people worldwide.

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