Employees take centre stage: Kampmann active with different initiatives

Lingen (Ems), 22.11.2011 – Lingen-based Kampmann GmbH is further strengthening its employee loyalty with a Family Afternoon in the Lingen Art Centre and new impetus in terms of personnel policy.

The smell of black pepper is currently probably the very first impression that people get when they visit the Lingen Art Centre. This was also the case for Kampmann employees and their families who arrived for a Sunday Family Afternoon.

Thanks for many years of support

The idea behind the Family Afternoon was to link Heinrich Kampmann's Cultural Foundation, the Lingen Art Centre that was benefitting from it and the Kampmann employees with a common theme. The Art Centre also wanted to thank them in this way for their many years of support. With around 80 children and just as many adults, the Art Centre was more packed on the Sunday afternoon than it has ever been.

Re-run in 2012

The artwork that the children produced under expert guidance was the inspiration behind one element of the current exhibition. At the same time the adults had coffee, cake and extra tours around the exhibitions where the black pepper popped up again. The event was so successful that Art Centre Director Meike Behm made a spur-of-the-moment promise to run it again next year.

Caring for others is a priority

Another way to even greater employee satisfaction also struck a chord with Kampmann personnel. Almost a third took part in an internal company survey about the compatibility of family and work. It is particularly noticeable that caring for relatives is increasingly taking centre stage.

More objectivity and sustainability

Flexible and part-time working hours, special leave, a canteen and various other things are already available. Employees now took part in a workshop to develop other ideas to make the personnel policy more family friendly. Managing Director Hendrik Kampmann declared that the Emsland Foundation would support projects for work and the family in relation to objectivity and sustainability. The Foundation awards an appropriate seal of approval to companies that meet certain requirements and that want to develop further. Kampmann GmbH will receive this in January.

Kampmann GmbH, based in Lingen, is successful throughout the world with its technologically leading systems for heating, cooling and ventilation. It has 750 employees, 550 of which are based at its Lingen site.

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