Constructive growth in each core business

Kampmann and emco swap divisions.

Lingen (Ems), 27.11.2017. Kampmann GmbH and Erwin Müller GmbH swap divisions. The Entrance Matting division of Kampmann will be run in future by the emco Group – the parent brand of Erwin Müller GmbH. Emco’s air conditioning technology will be taken over by Kampmann.

The Managing Directors Hendrik Kampmann and Christian Gnaß (emco) signed the contract. Six months of intensive discussions and constructive preparation in the various divisions preceded the agreement. Hendrik Kampmann states with praise: “We are very pleased with the partnership-based way in which the two companies worked with each other. Both companies are strong in terms of business and will grow by focussing on their respective core areas.”

Both brands will remain

Kampmann will manage the “emco – Klima leben“ (lit. emco – live air conditioning) brand in future. The ventilation components and decentralised ventilation and surface cooling divisions will also be retained.

Both emco and Kampmann have their headquarters in Lingen (Ems). Employees of the Air Conditioning division of the emco Group will be transferred to emco Klima GmbH. This company will belong to the Kampmann Group in future. The company’s head office will be at Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse where Kampmann has its headquarters.

In the medium-term, all emco air conditioning products will also be produced there. In terms of the Kampmann Group, the growth means that even more extensive system solutions can be produced in future.

A logical step

In return, the emco Group will take over the Kampmann Entrance Matting site in Gräfenhainichen in Saxony-Anhalt with all employees and assets. The swap of the respective divisions means that all jobs will be retained both in Lingen as well as in Gräfenhainichen and that the growth of both companies is underpinned for the long term.

The swap is a logical step for Christian Gnaß as well: “Among other things, emco is the market leader in entrance matting, while Kampmann is the driving force in many areas of air conditioning technology. Both companies have lost a competitor and won partnership-based relationships.”

About Kampmann

Kampmann GmbH is the market leader in trench heating and unit heaters and its name is synonymous with innovative product developments. The company has been serving its customers for 45 years with individual solutions and intelligent systems. The company employs some 820 people worldwide.

About emco

The emco Group, which has its headquarters in Lingen (Ems), is an international family-based company with a tradition going back 70 years. With over 1,200 employees worldwide, including 600 in Lingen, and some 20 international production and sales sites, the Group has a global presence today.