Combined ventilation and heating/cooling for a comfortable purchasing experience

Essen/Lingen (Ems), 06.03.2018. Kampmann presented individual system solutions for an ideal room climate in retail at the SHK Essen 2018. The main focus of this was on the combination of centralised ventilation and decentralised heating/cooling whereby, on the basis of the wide range of products, a high quality of air and cosiness with low energy consumption is achieved.

A pleasant temperature and an optimal distribution of air is what the powerful Ultra air heaters in their hexagonal casing design cater for in larger salesrooms. KaCool D AF ceiling cassettes equally cater for high climate comfort in smaller rooms and they avail of a special Atmosfeel technology for more comfort. In stockrooms, in contrast, TOP air heaters are used economically and flexibly. The ventilation and extraction of the entire building is performed by highly efficient heat recovery systems either via the KaCompact roof control point or the freely configurable centralised ventilation units by the subsidiary Nova. In addition, these, in combination with emco klima Gmbh, the latest member of the group, enables a particularly appealing solution for visible installation.

High climate comfort in salesrooms

If the temperature of larger salesrooms is to be kept at a comfortable level the high performance and yet quiet Ultra air heater is the means of choice. The hexagonal and elegant casing design as well as the individually adjustable air guiding slats on all sides ensure an optimal distribution of temperature both in recirculating and mixed air mode. The compact, ring-shaped and 4-layer heat exchanger, which enables heating capacities of 5.0 to 47.4 kW and cooling capacities of 2.6 to 14.9 kW, is responsible for the very flat construction height of merely 330 mm. An energy-saving EC axial fan with sickle-shaped fan blades supplies air volume flows of up to 5,130 m³/h with minimal noise emissions.

In smaller rooms with a false ceiling, the flexibly configurable KaCool D AF ceiling cassette equally caters for a high degree of climate comfort. Of significance here is the Atmosfeel technology with which occurrences of draughts can be safely prevented by way of the air outlet on the side. With its elegant cover, the unit blends smoothly into all standard grid ceilings and avails of heating capacities from 1.9 to 22.7 kW and cooling capacities of 19. kW to 11.0 kW.

The ideal solution for stockrooms

In stockrooms, in contrast, the TOP air heater provides an economic and high-performance solution. Universally usable as a wall and ceiling version, the unit is designed for volume flows of up to 8,390 m³/h as well as heating capacities from 3.8 to 77.2 kW. At the same time, there are four different heat exchanger versions available for differing operating modes. The versions with greater heat exchange capacities can be used optimally in low temperature mode.

Ventilation with highly efficient heat recovery system

When ventilating and extracting air in markets, the Lingen manufacturer relies on centralised units with highly efficient heat recovery systems. The KaCompact roof control point with air capacities from 2,000 to 9,500 m3/h is ideally suitable for individual building areas. A rotational heat exchanger caters for very high heat recovery degrees of up to 87 % at low pressure losses, whereby the efficiency does not decrease with low outdoor temperatures If higher volume flows of up to 100,000 m³/h are required, the freely configurable centralised ventilation units by the subsidiary Nova are used. In this case, depending on the requirement, rotational or plate heat exchangers with equally high efficiency factors of up to 85 % can be integrated, with which the systems achieve the highest energy efficiency category A+ of the ventilation and air conditioning manufacturer association.

Circular pipe system in visible areas

For the treatment of outdoor air, the centralised ventilation units can be equipped with corresponding cooling and heating batteries. The Ka20 technology is available as an energy-saving version for indirect evaporation cooling, which reduces the outdoor air temperature by up to 20 K in the summer in a natural way. The circular pipe system of the new subsidiary emco Klima offers itself for the visibly appealing air distribution in the individual zones which is preferably used in visible areas due to its high quality smooth pipe surface. The system also has the only electro-motoric adjustable outlet available on the market for comfort air conditioning from higher construction heights or in particularly sensitive areas. Another first on the market will be a detailed documentation for compared air flow volumes in the circular pipe system that will be offered as a service for the planning phase.

Effective cold air screening

Irrespective of the system configuration, door air curtains with patented tandem technology cater for a comfortable indoor climate when the doors are open by way of their screening effect. The air current is separated into a pre-heated and a heated air curtain whereby energy savings of up to 38 % are possible in comparison to conventional units.

About Kampmann

Kampmann GmbH is the market leader in the field of trench heating systems as well as fan heaters and one of the most established contacts for project-related air conditioning. They have a long tradition in cooling buildings with water-run systems, which are increasingly asserting themselves as trendsetting technology. The company provides its customers with a high quality of support from the planning stage to maintenance and employs about 820 employees worldwide.

With one of the most extensive product portfolios on the market, Kampmann provides holistic system solutions for heating, cooling and ventilating for almost any use case from one source.

With energy-efficient system solutions for the centralised ventilation and decentralised heating/cooling, Kampmann caters for an ideal room climate in retail.

The high-performance Ultra air heaters ensure a high degree of climate comfort in larger salesrooms with a hexagonal casing as well as individually adjustable air-guiding slats on all sides.

(Source: Kampmann GmbH)