“aktiv & irma” supermarket, Oldenburg

A total success – a different kind of supermarket

Building owner: M u. L Grundstücksgesellschaft

Town/City: Oldenburg

Whether discount or full-range stores – supermarkets generally look the same, at least from the outside: plain rectangular functional buildings. The new supermarket built for the regional “aktiv & irma” supermarket chain in Oldenburg shows that it is also possible to be different. The footprint is formed by three interconnected circles that merge into each other, with dynamically curved window fronts cutting through the brick building. The entire building exudes a gentle nostalgic charm that continues on the inside. By contrast, there is nothing nostalgic about the air conditioning concept, which also starts on the outside to make its effect felt inside.

A Kampmann air handling unit is installed on each of the three circles of the building, each of which is precisely tailored to the volume of air to be air conditioned: 4,200 m³/h for zone 1, 8,800 m³/h for zone 2 and 4,900 m³/h for zone 3. The air handling units in zones 1 and 2 form part of the Kampmann Hybrid ECO system, with the air handling units purely providing ventilation and heat recovery. The (optionally preconditioned) air passes along a duct system to the secondary air unit positioned in the room, which takes in the fresh air and finally heats or cools it. This ErP-compliant solution is not just extremely efficient, as the air handling unit only runs when there is a demand for fresh air, saving space and thus also construction costs.

Ultra ceiling-mounted units operate as secondary air units inside the space – truly Kampmann classics units for high-end interiors, which the “aktiv and irma” undoubtedly is. Galaxis radiant ceiling panels complete the concept on the shop floor, while ultra-robust, extremely efficient TOP unit heaters provide service in the stockroom. Finally there are also Diafort roof extract fans, which are responsible for air extraction from the stockroom in the event of a refrigerant alarm on one of the monodirectional ventilation systems.

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Ceiling unit for heating, cooling, ventilation in large, high-end interiors.