Hellbrunn Castle, Salzburg

World famous castle gains a new visitor centre

Building owner: Stadt Salzburg

Town/City: Salzburg

Hellbrunn Castle in Salzburg is one of the most popular destinations in Austria. Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors visit the sprawling grounds, consisting of the picturesque castle, Hellbrunn Gardens and the ‘trick’ water, features. The latter are some of the world's best preserved water features dating back to the late Renaissance and are worth a visit alone. However, even if there’s water flowing everywhere, it’s preferable to visit the castle in dry weather. Since 2016, Hellbrunn Castle has also been a magnet for tourists in bad weather – thanks to a new visitor centre, a staff room, café and a newly designed exhibition.

In the process of this, the toilet facilities and the workshop were completely refurbished and equipped with new building services. The city of Salzburg has invested €835,000 in the construction. This also included natural convector trench heaters supplied by Kampmann, the market leader.

Katherm NK is a high-output natural convection trench heater. Available in 22 lengths, five trench widths and four trench heights, Katherm NK units are totally flexible. All the more so when you also consider project-specific geometries, such as mitred corners, curved designs or column recesses.

The convectors provide effective cold air screening in front of the large expanses of glazing in the new restaurant area and staff room in Hellbrunn Castle. The bronze anodised grille match the rustic interior fit-out perfectly.

The high heat output of the convector was measured and confirmed in accordance with DIN EN 16430. At the same time, the Katherm NK is ideal for energy-saving low-temperature operation. At Hellbrunn, the convectors w ere also equipped with a supply air connection, so that guests can also enjoy fresh air indoors as well as in the garden.

Products used

Katherm NK

Katherm NK

Natural convection.


Ultra-elegant narrow-spaced air outlets.