Pela Event hall, Eislingen

Passion for automobiles in a reactivated factory hall

Town/City: Eislingen

Some good ideas only take shape with the appropriate biographical background. For example, Peter Lampart is a building contractor from Göppingen. And just around the corner, in Eislingen, his company has a warehouse. Although the term “warehouse” does not really cover it: It is a historical plough factory from 1907. But it would actually be a real shame to let the defiant brick building live out its days as a warehouse. Particularly as only a small part of it was being used. And that is where Lampart’s passion for classic cars comes into play.

As he owns classic cars himself and has plenty of contacts in these circles, the idea was born which became reality as “Zweigwerk 11” after an 18-month construction phase: “A Space For Car Lovers”, the subtitle Lampart gave to his project. 120 exclusive parking places for classic and vintage cars over three floors, each accessible from a newly connected, glass vehicle elevator, supplemented by highly flexible event spaces on the ground floor. The ambiance: Industrial chic with red brick walls and solid wooden ceilings. As if designed for Kampmann decentralised climate control systems.

Because the Fan Coil KaCool D AF as a ceiling cassette also looks good even when it is not integrated in a suspended ceiling. And besides that, the Ultra unit heater was designed as a ceiling unit for exclusive venues. In Zweigwerk 11, the Ultra looks good with an anthracite-coloured, special coating.

Both units feature the typical Kampmann product virtues: Top performance and maximum efficiency with low noise and a high level of comfort. Various sizes, a wide range of accessories and easy maintenance are further benefits which ensure that Ultra and KaCool D AF can be found in so many buildings. In addition to the two products, the Hybrid ECO System has also been installed in Zweigwerk 11.

Central ventilation combined with decentralised heating and cooling – in essence that is the principle of the Hybrid ECO System. In Eislingen, the system consists of the unit heaters and ceiling cassettes which are responsible for temperature control. And includes a freely configurable air handling unit with heat recovery from the Kampmann Group. With this combination, both the air handling unit and the air duct system can be made smaller. In addition to that, the energy expenditure for ventilation remains extremely small as fresh air is only introduced to meet demand.

The cooling energy is provided by a chiller KaClima AO. The air-cooled unit is fitted with a stainless steel plate heat exchanger as well as a buffer tank and also has a continuously variable compressor to make cooling medium available as required.

Products used



Ceiling unit for heating, cooling, ventilation in large, high-end interiors.
KaCool D AF

KaCool D AF

Comfortable feeling of well-being, thanks to AtmosFeel.
KaCool D HY

KaCool D HY

ceiling cassette for heating, cooling and filtering for rooms with increased hygiene requirements according to VDI 6022