Grünwald Garden Centre, Baunatal

Investment in attractive retail space

Building owner: Nordharzer Gartencenter, Goslar

Town/City: Baunatal

A dozen Ultra unit heaters were retrofitted in the garden centre for the retail space, which is glazed on all sides. "The high-performance Ultra creates a reliable "feel-good" climate for our customers even in larger retail spaces."

Thanks to the attractive louvres in the sophisticated-looking housing, the high-performance heat and cooling outputs can be directed in any direction.

By the use of whisper-quiet, sickle-blade fans in the ceiling units, no noises disturb customers' shopping experiences in the various attractively designed product sections.

The entrance area is designed to be customer-friendly with the Tandem 300 door air curtain. When the doors are open, the Tandem 300 provides controlled shielding of the interior climate.

Tandem does what it says it does: Tandem 300 screens twice as well with two fan groups and continuously saves up to 38% energy compared with comparable equipment.

Products used



Ceiling unit for heating, cooling, ventilation in large, high-end interiors.
Tandem EC

Tandem EC

Ambient and warm air stream for effective cold air screening.