Emsland Arena, Lingen (Ems)

Construction of a multi-purpose events hall

Building owner: Stadt Lingen, Lingen (Ems)

Town/City: Lingen (Ems)

The Emsland Arena is regarded as one of the flagship projects in the Emsland. Designed as a multi-purpose hall, the new building offers the perfect venue for concerts, trade fairs, sporting events and conferences – in short for events of any kind and any size. Temperature control with low operating costs is achieved, first and foremost, in the Emsland Arena by a total of around 420 metres of Galaxis radiant ceiling panels. Regardless of the ventilation system, they create a very pleasant environment in the foyer and in the events hall thanks to their radiated heat. The noise levels produced can be reduced and the reverberation time shortened due to the perforated design of the radiant ceiling panels for the events hall.

Four central ventilation units are installed outdoors on the ceiling of the building for ventilation of the Emsland Arena. Two units are equipped with diagonal plate heat exchangers for heat recovery and service all adjacent rooms, such as the foyer, restaurant areas, kitchens, hallways, toilets and the boxes. The use of plate heat exchangers prevents transfer from the exhaust air to the supply air so that the polluted exhaust air is not returned to the public areas. The other two units are equipped with rotation heat exchangers, which provide ventilation to the entire events hall. Each unit produces 40,000 m3/h air volume and can be operated separately for partial load – ideal for the events hall's flexible spectrum of uses. At peak times, all the units produce a total of up to 140,000 m 3/h of fresh air. The units are equipped with a post-heating element to heat the supply air to room temperature and prevent the occurrence of draughts and, in addition, accommodate sound dampers and connections for an on-site building management system. Donaueschingen-based Nova Apparate GmbH designed and produced the units.

Kampmann's own box in the Emsland Arena is heated by a galvanised steel Kampmann convector, installed invisibly behind the cladding on the seating, the top of which is open. Heat is distributed by natural convection, draught-free into the box. The unit is controlled via KaControl: a KaController room control unit permits intuitive operation via a large-screen display.

Other Kampmann products have been used in the Kampmann box as design elements. Stainless steel roll-up grilles are decorative, partly with mitred corners, in tables and in the sideboard. A safety glass cover protects the grilles, which would otherwise be used to cover trench heating. Linear grilles are combined with stainless steel panels as wall cladding on the corner seating and constitute exemplary cladding. Entrance matting has also been used as wall cladding on a side wall, in which a TV is mounted. The made-to-measure Portagard A entrance matting comes in an extensive range of materials, colours and qualities, as required, for dirt collection and load capacity.

Products used