The requirements are increasing to introduce cool air into high-ceilinged buildings and halls, as well as installing a warm air solution. The TOP C is the product of choice for this. It generates cooled air on hot days and, as a heating and cooling all-rounder, it has now become a standard Kampmann product.

Kampmann is thereby progressing from the project version of the unit heater (with additional cooling function) to a regular standard product for high-ceilinged buildings and halls of all kinds in terms of stock, production and sales.


THE TOP C is intended to meet the market demand for cooling solutions for high-ceilinged buildings and halls. There are comfort reasons for this as well as helping to minimum tolerances and material expansion in production. The product is now available as standard from Kampmann. Make use of the extensive calculation programme as well as the technical documentation for the product.

Use the calculation programme to select the correct TOP C unit. The corresponding configuration extensions can also be used to select accessory components, which have a significant impact on the output. The air volume accessories, such as filter boxes, are incorporated directly in the result. You will then receive a specification tailored to your configuration, which also includes the relevant accessory components. Plan entire projects and add the appropriate product plus accessories to your wish list.

TOP C benefits at a glance

  • offer customers the decisive added value: warm air and cold air in high-ceilinged buildings and halls
  • dissipation of heating or cooling loads in the system with cold water generators/heat pumps
  • continuously variable control with EC fans
  • fast-response heating and cooling of the space

Design example

Sports hall: 50.50 m x 38.5 m x 6.16 m

Sports hall


  • Heating LPHW
    • flow temperature 40 °C
    • return temperature 35 °C
    • room air temperature 20 °C
  • Cooling CHW
    • flow temperature 8 °C
    • return temperature 16 °C
    • room air temperature 26 °C
    • relative humidity 48 %  
  • 8 units each 13 kW (= 104 kW)
  • wall-mounted
  • two control zones


  • 8 x TOP C type 153001474058, medium design stage
  • Cu/Al heat exchanger
  • no condensate pump fitted for free condensate drainage
  • induction air guide fins (penetration depth)


  • 8 x TOP C unit heaters (153001474058) with the dimensions (in mm) 900 x 875 x 570
  • 8 x wall brackets (198000037044)
  • 8 x induction air guide fins (198000037101)
  • 2 x electronic speed controllers (196000030515)

The number and size of the TOP unit heaters depends on more than just the heat and cooling load calculated. The required air circulation, structural and acoustic conditions and unit-specific properties need to be taken into consideration, among other things. The mounting and installation points or permissible sound level must also be considered. In all cases it is better to use several smaller units, as

  • dthe temperature distribution is better
  • the air velocities are lower
  • lower sound levels can be expected

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