Hall heating with unit heaters and heat pumps

The norm in new buildings and simple to fit in refurbishments – efficiently air condition large spaces in compliance with the German Buildings Energy Act (GEG)

The German Buildings Energy Act is changing the regulations governing the air conditioning of large spaces – whether industrial sheds, warehouses or commercial halls. Heating systems based on heat pumps are now the norm in new halls, sheds and warehouses. They are also the product of choice in refurbishment work. A combination of unit heaters and heat pumps provides for efficient monovalent and bivalent heat supply.

Unit heaters are the perfect partner for heat pumps:Quick to install and versatile to use as wall- or ceiling-mounted units, they heat large spaces in winter and cool them down in summer. When combined with heat pumps and operated in monovalent and bivalent mode, they are the product of choice when it comes to the cost-efficient air conditioning of all kinds of halls and large spaces.

Unit heaters

Wall- or ceiling-mounted units for the heating, cooling or ventilation of halls and large spaces

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Heat pumps

A wide range of outputs ranging from 4 to 676 kW

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In new buildings

Heat pumps supply unit heaters with low-temperature low pressure hot water. Maximum energy efficiency is achieved by additionally installing air curtains across the doorways of halls, warehouses, industrial sheds etc. This can save up to 60% heating costs.

Monovalent supply: 100% of the building’s heat load is met by the heat pump. This mode of operation is recommended in new buildings. There is then no need for the building to be connected to the gas network.

In existing buildings

Optimizing a hall’s energy consumption by retrofitting heat pumps is another popular option. A design that complies with the German Buildings Energy Act provides for a minimum proportion of the heat load being taken care of by heat pumps. They therefore heat cost-effectively and in an environmentally-friendly manner up to the bivalent point. The higher the proportion supplied by the heat pump to the existing system, the lower the gas consumption.

Bivalent supply: The majority of the heat output is supplied by heat pumps. The existing system comes into play to cover peak loads.

Your products for a future-proof hall climate

Comfort, efficiency and sustainability – the key factors for an optimum hall climate. Our products help to create the perfect atmosphere for your employees and processes.

Hall Heating Tool

Are you planning the building services for a new hall or are you looking to refurbish one to save energy? Use our Hall Heating Tool to calculate the heat load of the hall along with other key parameters in a matter of minutes.

Unit Heaters

Unit Heaters

Suitable for use as wall- or ceiling-mounted units for heating, cooling or ventilation in high-ceilinged buildings, industrial buildings, showrooms etc. – as recirculating air, mixed air or primary air units.
Heat pumps and chillers

Heat pumps and chillers

Central supply of decentralised and centralised units with heating and cooling, based on the environmentally-friendly medium of water.
Door Air Curtains

Door Air Curtains

For controlled screening of air-conditioned premises with open doors and industrial doorways. Creates a comfortable indoor climate and minimises energy loss.