Standard-compliant project measurements

Standard-compliant measurements according to DIN EN 442 and DIN EN 16430 are performed in the Kampmann Research & Development Centre (FEC) air flow laboratory. The measurements include regular standard-compliant measurements as well as the set-up of project-based (room) situations to meet customer-specific requirements.


How is an air flow laboratory set up?

The laboratory is divided into two thermally sealed chambers to guarantee the real simulation of room air conditioning: the walls, floor and ceiling can be heated and cooled independently of one other. This enables Kampmann engineers to determine the ultra-precise heat and cooling outputs of products, such as trench units or fan coils. Typical issues include provision of evidence about meeting the heating and cooling load of a room, and generation of air flow and thermal comfort documentation for the respective domestic or commercial situation.

We offer our clients project-specific measurements for larger projects or projects with exacting design requirements. To do so, we set up the lab situation to replicate the actual room as realistically as possible and fit ventilation and air conditioning equipment in one of our air flow laboratories. We then undertake comprehensive measurements to examine the operation, output and comfort of the proposed design.

Matthias Winkelhaus, Head of Technical Development and Technical Design, explains in a short video what a typical test set-up for a project looks like, and the opportunities the laboratory offers:


For every project we set up an individual and, above all, realistic test environment in the air flow lab. We install and operate the equipment in accordance with the project-specific specification. We try to replicate features, such as special façade geometries, furniture and room layout, as closely as possible.


What is the aim of the laboratory measurements?

The aim of project-specific measurements is to provide the customer with exact data about whether the heating and cooling outputs of the equipment meet the detailed project requirements in this specific office environment. Designers, plant installers and/or developers thus have a high degree of certainty about the future operation of their project.

The air flow laboratory was designed in conjunction with HLK Stuttgart, a renowned and independent test institute for air conditioning and ventilation measurements.


In accordance with which standards is the heating and cooling technology measured?

  • EN 442-2: Radiators and convectors
  • EN 16430-1-3: Fan assisted heaters, convectors and trench convectors
  • EN ISO 7730: Ergonomics of the thermal environment

Find out even more here about the opportunities offered by the Research & Development Centre.


The key facts at a glance

  • standard-compliant measurements in accordance with EN 442 and EN 16430
  • division of the lab into two thermally sealed chambers
  • evidence about whether the heating and cooling load of a room is met
  • air flow and thermal comfort documentation
  • individual and realistic test environment
  • excellent design certainty for the ongoing project


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