For a safe working environment

For some time now, air hygiene has been an issue in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. The calls for technical solutions are becoming ever louder. The objective is to minimise the risk of infection in all areas of life and work. A key factor in this is the viral concentration in the air in closed rooms. After all, infection does not come from a single virus but a high viral concentration is critical over a certain period of time. The task is therefore clear: to keep the concentration of viruses low in office room air and other places. There are various options for doing so.

Continuous or at least regular shock ventilation by two windows opposite each other creating a draught in the room and thus causing a fast and effective air change. This is the simplest possible solution. However, cool outside temperatures are disadvantageous in autumn and winter. Colleagues are thus not particularly inclined to open the windows every hour.

The best possible solution is a modern ventilation system that supplies an adequate volume of outside air into the room and draws off ‘used’ room air. This ensures a constant air change, without the adverse effects of shock ventilation. Heat recovery guarantees energy-efficient operation in winter.

However, regrettably the majority of offices are located in existing buildings with no ventilation system. Owners and landlords should not shy away from investing in efficient room ventilation in the medium term.

However, the potable Kampmann air purifier KA-520 is a practical alternative that is immediately available. Incorporating a highly efficient class H14 particulate filter, it is capable of filtering out 99.995 % of all viruses, germs, bacteria, pollen, grasses and house dust. This keeps any viral concentration in the room air below a critical level or completely dissipates it.

The key features of the air purifier KA-520:

  • Class H14 particulate filter (HEPA)
  • Energy-efficient EC fan
  • High-grade stable powder-coated housing
  • Two operating stages: whisper-quiet continuous operation and rapid air purification

This figure illustrates the viral concentration in a 6-person office measuring 120 m³.

The calculation is based on the volume of viruses that an infected person emits into the room air over a period of eight hours. The viral concentration cannot be sufficiently reduced by regular shock ventilation through the window. Even lengthy shock ventilation during the lunch break is inadequate.

The use of two Kampmann air purifiers, type KA-520-XL, is sufficient to keep the viral concentration permanently below the critical volume. The units can be operated at a higher stage during breaks, ensuring that the viral load is constantly fully dissipated.

It is beneficial that the “Made in Germany” air purifier KA-520 is available in various sizes and so can be used for effective air purification in all kinds of closed rooms. Apart from its use in offices, the air purifier can, of course, also be used to provide greater safety in places with customer traffic.

The portable plug & play free-standing unit features two purification stages that can be switched on and off. This means that each unit is capable of purifying up to 700 m³ ambient air and freeing it of potentially harmful particles and gases, including allergens, pollutants or aerosols. A modular system incorporating multiple units that can be distributed throughout the space is recommended for larger rooms.

The integral H14 HEPA filter, which takes on the main work in the unit, is also low-wear and easy to replace.

Visit our shop for more information on the air purifier You will also find answers to other issues, such as aerosols, with the corresponding efficiency tests. Make sure you provide good clean air!