Specialist for freely planned central ventilation and air conditioning units

The name NOVA stands for the highest quality, precision and reliability in the HVAC industry across Europe when it comes to ventilation and air conditioning: NOVA from Donaueschingen is a specialist for freely planned central ventilation and air conditioning units. Around 150 employees work for NOVA and offer “plug-in” solutions with integrated instrumentation and control engineering as well as cooling technology. NOVA Apparate GmbH became part of the Kampmann Group in 2011.

map of the NOVA sales areas

NOVA launches a completely new housing technology onto the market, which offers major benefits to customers. NOVA is one of the most innovative manufacturers of air handling units on account of its ranges, including the NOVA HighLine with Ka20 technology.

Kampmann GmbH acquires a share in NOVA. This creates a cooperative relationship enabling our customers and partners to obtain centralised and decentralised air conditioning technology from a single source. Patrick Honer and Hendrik Kampmann form the Management of the company.

The recently established “Refrigeration and I&C Technology” department works on expanding the product range.

The “Water Heaters” and “Ventilation and Air Conditioning” branches of the business are expanded.

“Heizungsbau Honer” is renamed NOVA Apparate GmbH. The company is now operating heating installations throughout Germany.

Karl Honer founds “Heizungsbau Honer” in Donaueschingen.

Board of Management NOVA Apparate GmbH

The gentlemen of the NOVA management smile into the camera, Mr. Honer, Mr. Kampmann, Mr. Kotting and Mr. Zimmermann.