Voss Gebäudetechnik, Haselünne

Rapid growth of the Emsland building services engineers

Building owner: Heinrich VOSS Gebäudetechnik GmbH

Town/City: Haselünne 49740

This is what’s called rapid growth: the Emsland company Voss Gebäudetechnik was founded in 1947 in a corrugated hut and grew steadily. In 2010, the company moved into a made-to-measure new 10,000 square metre building. And only five years later, the entire administration wing was mirrored – effectively doubling the floor area of the building. Voss now has enough space for training, in-house fairs and visitor groups. And any company that has “Gebäudetechnik” (building services) as part of its name, naturally has high standards when it comes to its own building services. The second new building within five years was built from a state-of-the-art energy perspective. It includes Kampmann air conditioning technology

Kampmann’s Ka2O pioneering regenerative cooling system is the central and defining element of the air conditioning concept at Voss. Positioned on the roof of the new building, the air handling unit cools using water as a natural coolant, ventilates and recovers heat. With a degree of temperature change of up to 87 percent, no additional heating is generally needed during the heating period.

In summer Ka2O technology achieves unique values: the supply air temperature can be cooled by up to 20 K – independently of the outside temperature! The extract air is humidified directly in the heat exchanger and the modular construction with a consistently high counterflow percentage, are the main reasons for the high level of efficiency.

KaCool chilled water ceiling cassettes are installed to meet peak loads in the training and event area, which are fed with cold water via a KaClima chiller for installation outdoors

The system is controlled via a KaControl . Apart from the air handling unit with Ka2O technology, KaControl also controls the chilled water cassettes with cooling generation as well as the volumetric flow control to feed the entire volume of air into the ground floor where the event and training rooms are located.

Products used

KaCool D AF

KaCool D AF

Comfortable feeling of well-being, thanks to AtmosFeel.
KaClima R32 AO 4-16 kW

KaClima R32 AO 4-16 kW

Chiller and heat pump with R32 refrigerant for a future-centric air conditioning solution.