Weißenberg Sports Hall, Weißenberg

Refurbishment of a one-pitch sports hall

Building owner: Stadtverwaltung Weißenberg

Town/City: Weißenberg

The small town of Weißenberg lies in very east of Germany, not far from the Polish and Czech border. Hidden amidst the Upper Lusatian hills, the sleepy-looking town does not immediately appear to be a place where you would expect to find innovative technology. And yet it is there – the small sports hall in the town is literally a shining example of this.

The lighting and heating was to be replaced during the refurbishment of Weißenberg sports hall. Kampmann Galaxis radiant ceiling panels with integrated LED lighting are the cost-effective solution for both requirements. The non-illuminating Galaxis are a real Kampmann classic for the efficient heating of large spaces, like production buildings and sports halls. The radiant heating becomes an all-rounder in combination with an LED strip light.

Five 28 metre strips are installed under the ceiling of the hall. The long-wave radiant heat of the panels gives off energy when it hits objects – at floor level where the people are to be found. The heat rises from there and ensures an optimum temperature profile without producing any draughts. The heat output of the Galaxis is registered by DIN-CERTCO and Keymark certified.

The LED technology saves up to 60% energy compared to conventional lighting and is free of pollutants and odours. The strip lights in Weißenberg illuminate with a colour temperature of 5000 K (neutral white), are dimmable and are integrated into the hall's emergency lighting thanks to intelligent lighting control. The strip lights have an impact-resistant design, which is an indispensable feature in sports halls.

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