State Historical Museum, Moskau

Refurbishment of a museum on Red Square

Building owner: Staatliches Historisches Museum

Town/City: Moskau

Red Square in Moscow is one of the world's most famous locations. Our idealised Western view of the square involves Russians with bearskin hats walking across the snow-clad cobbles past the wall of the Kremlin. And winters in Moscow are truly extremely cold. But the summers are also very hot – up to 39 degrees Celsius has been recorded. These large temperature differences present a challenge for air conditioning systems. Kampmann technology is therefore used in the State Historical Museum directly on Red Square.

The museum is the dominant building at the northern end of Red Square and therefore lies directly opposite the famous St. Basil's Cathedral with its colourful onion domes. The Historical Museum has around 4.5 million exhibits, all related to Russian history. The impressive exterior façade with its Old Russian architectural style also constitutes a further exhibit.

Katherm HK units are installed underneath the windows of the sumptuous red brick building and supply heating or cooling depending on the weather. Cooling mode is a particular technical challenge that Kampmann has perfected through its own research.

In addition to the 130 Katherm HK units installed, additional Katherm NK (natural convection) and Katherm QK (fan-assisted heating) units are installed in the Historical Museum. All trench heaters enjoy quick delivery, the possibility of being integrated into the building management system and the comprehensive service that goes hand in hand with the investment.

Katherm trench heaters are the elegant and discreet solution for effective air conditioning in front of large expanses of glazing and façades. Venkon fan coils are installed on the wall at other locations, including in the stairwell, in the Historical Museum. The attractive unit heats, cools and filters – with market-leading low noise levels.

Products used



Fan coils, recirculating air. Heating, cooling and filtering for maximum comfort.