Sports Hall, Wetzlar-Dutenhofen, Wetzlar-Dutenhofen

Renovation from floor to ceiling

Building owner: Magistrat der Stadt Wetzlar, Wetzlar

Town/City: Wetzlar-Dutenhofen

Around 328 metres of Galaxis radiant ceiling panels have been installed as part of a complete renovation of the sports hall. The overall renovation scheme is expected to make up to 70% energy savings.

Active athletes and spectators in the seated areas will now enjoy pleasant levels of warmth thanks to the high proportion of radiant heat: radiant ceiling panels emit around two-thirds of their heat as radiant heat. Energy consumption can be reduced because of the high temperature perceived at ground level.

Galaxy radiant ceiling panels are tough enough to be installed in sports halls - thanks to their protection from flying balls (tested by the MPS Stuttgart) and special ball deflection covers.

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