Schlosshotel Bad Wilhelmshöhe, Kassel

Sophisticated design meets a comfortable atmosphere of well-being

Building owner: Schlosshotel Bad Wilhelmshöhe, Kassel

Town/City: Kassel

A series of renovations and extensions have further reinforced the reputation and ranking of the Schlosshotel. The individually tailor-made Kampmann system solution for hotels creates a wonderful atmosphere of well-being throughout the various facilities.

The jewels in the crown of the four-star hotel are the newly completed Superior-Deluxe category rooms. Venkon EC air handling units provide for comfortable air-conditioning.

The high-quality fittings in the rooms, with sophisticated materials, create an exquisite impression thanks to the unobtrusive installation of the Venkon EC in the entrance areas to the rooms.

The revolutionary EC technology enables the units to be operated at an extremely low-noise level, thereby saving considerable energy.

Hotel guests can control the temperature in the rooms to their own personal taste, thanks to KaControl technology and the intuitively regulable KaController room control units.

The compact ventilation unit Airblock KG for ventilation combines the benefits of decentralised air-conditioning with those of centralised heat recovery plus bypass function. The Airblock KG model 40 with up to 5,600 m³ /h guarantees the fresh air rates needed and carries off used air. Supply air in every room is fed in, in a combined manner, by the fan convectors, while the exhaust air is traditionally extracted in the bathroom.

The new spa and wellness zone in the Schlosshotel leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to a peaceful and tranquil health break. The 800 m2 wellness zone with saunas, indoor pool, fitness area and spa, beauty and treatment facilities is adapted to different moods with its coloured lighting and fragrance effects. Discreet air outlets are the only visible elements of the ventilation system. The air supply is provided by the compact Airblock KG air handling unit, a combination of highly energy-efficient heat recovery and energy-saving EC motor technology.

Adjacent to the hotel (outdoors), a chiller forms part of the Kampmann system solution. There is no need for a storage tank, thanks to the Aqualogik design.

Products used



Fan coils, recirculating air. Heating, cooling and filtering for maximum comfort.
KaClima AO free cooling

KaClima AO free cooling

Outdoor unit with free cooling function for energy savings.