REWE Frenster, Ascheberg

Supermarket renovation and extension

Building owner: REWE Markt GmbH

Town/City: Ascheberg 59387

End users who visit a supermarket like the REWE in Ascheberg to buy their meat, sausage or cheese from the chilled counter, are generally not aware of it: a stream of air discharged directly above the glass counter, protects the hygiene area behind from contamination. It’s not surprising that customers don’t feel the curtain of air – it can hardly be felt in front of the counter. However, behind the counter the system does create some draughts, which is a problem for the serving staff. Kampmann addressed the problem and developed a new product to solve it in-house: the KaProtect.

According to DIN 10505, chilled counters need to be shielded in terms of air quality. This is usually done by air being blown downwards towards the sales floor in front of the counter. This process is generally assisted by (swirl) diffusers in the hygiene area behind the counter, which results in positive pressure and, in the event of poor design, also draughts. The KaProtect is a combined slot and positive pressure diffuser, which is discreetly installed above the counter. While the slot diffuser generates the air curtain, the swirl diffuser on the ceiling guides the air towards the rear, as it were ‘flushing’ the hygiene area, eliminating the cause of the draughts.

The KaProtect was optimised for a total volumetric flow of 250 m³/h. This represents a saving of 200 m³/h compared to the air volume provided by the technology conventionally used. This saves energy, at the same time as considerably improving comfort levels. The KaProtect ensures a draught rate of less than 15%, which is prescribed for workplaces with permanently seated personnel by VDI 2082, and does so in an area in which employees are generally moving.

Further elements that ensure an outstanding shopping climate include door air curtains with patented Tandem technology installed in the entrance area and an Airblock KG compact ventilation unit with heat recovery.

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Ambient and warm air stream for effective cold air screening.