Hermes Logistics Centre, Haldensleben

Expansion of a state-of-the-art despatch centre

Building owner: Hermes Fulfilment GmbH

Town/City: Haldensleben

The numbers indicate the scale of the Logistics Centre: A usable area as large as 26 football pitches, 175,000 tray parking spaces and a fully automated high-bay warehouse for up to 1.2 million supplier boxes. 3,000 employees annually pack some 200 million articles from here - the Hermes despatch centre in Haldensleben (near Magdeburg) is one of the most modern and largest in Europe. It has gradually achieved this size: opened in 1994, Hermes has extended the site three times.

The technology in Haldensleben is modern – as is the architecture: A post-modern building complex has emerged in metal and glass, with contrasting greenery on the outside and wooden elements on the inside. Type IVA displacement air diffusers work fully naturally in this environment and underline the interior architecture, thanks to their futuristic appearance.

The appearance is essentially due to the function: the IVA consists of a slotted cylinder, which permits optimum adjustment of the air stream. In heating mode, the flap of the IVA is opened, forming a vertical air stream. In this setting, the air discharged from the slotted cylinder is dragged along by the vertical air stream, resulting in even greater penetration depths.

In cooling mode, the flap is closed and a horizontal radial air stream is formed with long throws. However, thanks to the continuously variable adjustment mechanism, mixed air streams can be achieved between horizontal and vertical. This adjustment is motorised in the Hermes Logistics Centre.

The type IVA displacement air diffuser offers optimum and comfortable air flow through the space coupled with low sound power levels for industrial and multi-purpose halls.

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