EmsLICHT AG, Geeste-Dalum

New production building for the manufacture of LED lighting systems

Building owner: emsLICHT AG

Town/City: Geeste-Dalum

"Simply save more brightly" is the tag line of the Geest-based company emsLICHT. These native North-Germans have specialised in lighting systems that use LED technology. However, for the new production building completed in April 2015, their tag line could just as well be: "Simply heat more brightly!"

"Galaxis" is the durable and energy-saving radiant ceiling panel manufactured by Kampmann. Heated by hot water, it gives off energy as long-wave radiation, which is only transformed into "heat" when it hits solid bodies – the principle of solar radiation, just without the light. But now, even that is available: no less than emsLICHT provided the lighting system for the Galaxis radiant ceiling panel with LED lighting strip.

Galaxis radiant ceiling panels as just as energy-saving, as LED technology is efficient. Together they deliver an optimum combination of cost-effective, environmentally-friendly lighting and heating for buildings of all sizes – saving up to 60% energy. The LED lighting strip provides 100% of its light from the very first second. Thanks to intelligent lighting control, the lighting strip can also be integrated into the building management system, can be dimmed and available as warm or cold light.

Galaxis radiant ceiling panels operate maintenance-free and need virtually no space. People at ground level perceive radiant heat as a pleasant heat, there is no swirling dust and no draughts. Heat outputs have been tested in accordance with DIN EN 14037 and are DIN CERTO-registered.

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