Busch Car Dealership, Beverstedt-Lunestedt

Refurbishment and Extension to the VW Service Operation

Building owner: Autohaus Heinz Busch

Town/City: Beverstedt-Lunestedt

Refurbishment work was also carried out as part of the extension and conversion. Galaxis radiant ceiling panels now provide all-round heat in the showroom and workshop area of the car dealership.

Galaxis take on any architectural challenge and offer enormous variety with nine panel widths. Arranged in a linear pattern, they provide pleasant radiant heat where it is needed – and can be precisely controlled in the car workshop using a 2-point controller. No draughts or swirling dust occur either as the units generate virtually no air movement – ideal for workshop areas and high-end showroom space.

TOP unit heaters for heating and ventilation prove their durability in the Service reception and dealership car wash.

Products used



Wall and ceiling-mounted units – the warm air solution for almost all requirements.