emco Klima delivers tailor-made sustainability

One-stop shopping: emco Klima as a system provider

Sustainability for emco Klima means using an innovative range of products to create energy-efficient climate-control systems. With a view to energy-efficient operation, heat and cooling loads are increasingly being dissipated with the help of water-bearing systems, especially in the commercial property sector. Water offers great advantages over air as the medium for transporting energy within buildings. For instance, it allows air-volume flows to be reduced to the hygienically required level. Emco Klima’s product groups include a comprehensive range of decentralised components for heating, cooling, air admission and extraction. It permits tailor-made system solutions from a single source to be implemented for almost all requirement profiles.

Diagram of the emco product portfolio

Sensible innovation: emco MFR

It is particularly important that the selected components allow systems to be operated at high levels of energy efficiency and user comfort – not only individually but above all in combination with each other. An important factor in this regard is the specially developed multi-functional controller, which monitors the interactions between the required ventilation and temperature control in the individual zones of use across all products. It is further possible to flexibly integrate all other significant factors that affect the climate of rooms – such as window contacts, presence detectors, blind systems and room lighting – into the multifunctional control and adjust them accordingly and so increase energy efficiency. This allows closed areas to be created in every zone where all the components have been adapted to each other in the best possible way.

Diagram of the emcoMFR zone control incl. gateway

Good example: Green Office in Paris

The company has already demonstrated its know-how in developing solutions for energy-efficient air-conditioning systems in a variety projects to realise sustainable buildings. The Green Office Rueil in Paris – a PlusEnergy office complex with a gross area of 35,000 square metres – for example, uses more than 1,000 emcovent Type UZAS underfloor ventilation units that were specially adapted to the requirements of the market in France. Their independent secondary air function and the blower units’ low electrical power consumption delivered permanent reductions in primary energy requirements and are thus contributing to compliance with the high environmental standards that the building was designed to satisfy.