Mr Ensink, I'm a bit angry with you!


Now – at this stage in the last issue you promised me that "we" would be World Champions!

I certainly promised nothing. But perhaps it’s better if I comment on topics about which I understand a little more. Ultimately there are 80 million ardent football fans in Germany. And the World Cup issue has been dealt with some time ago.

What issue would you like to discuss?

The hot spell this summer. We could all feel climate change. Even though I am very sceptical about personal comparisons from before, the experts’ numbers provide evidence of considerable climate change.

What are the consequences of this? Will this have an effect on your business?

Definitely! No one will question the need for air conditioning in offices and business premises any longer. On the other hand, we will also boost climate change through the additional energy requirement. Even if energy saving is mainly associated with “heating”, the energy cost of cooling will quickly become an energy-saving issue. Then we’ll continue to turn the climate wheel.

Do you have any idea about how we can combat this?

There is infinite potential. I’d just like to mention a few buzz words, like heat recovery, indirect evaporative cooling, demand-controlled air conditioning and ventilation, implementation of the F-Gas Regulation and so on.

What will cause it to founder?

Our tradesmen are working flat out and there are no skilled personnel, both in terms of planning and technical implementation. Oh if only I were 20 again ...