Mr Ensink, the Football World Cup will have taken place when the next issue of KAMPMANN HEUTE appears. Will Germany be World Champions again?

I assume so!

Are you interested in football at all?

Certainly – I really enjoy watching important Bundesliga games and internationals. But I don't need to sit in front of the TV every Saturday watching the sports show.

Germany always wanted to be World Champion in terms of climate protection as well. In light of the most recent decisions taken by the federal government, it appears that we are going to fail in the preliminary round. What’s your opinion?

I'm not sure with whom we are comparing ourselves. We Germans are bureaucrats. And, as such, we are very precise with numbers – and are also very hard on ourselves. I have the feeling, without being able to prove it and without being disrespectful, that other countries are a bit more fast and loose. The German standardisation bodies, for example, drafted DIN 18599 as the basis for calculating the energy efficiency of buildings, which now forms the European calculation basis, EN 19798.

Our bureaucracy plays into our hands?

To a limited extent. At the same time, it always takes us so incredibly long. And that is why we lose time and therefore do not reach the agreed goals.

Let’s stick with champions: Is Kampmann the European champion of hotel air conditioning?

I know what you are driving at: our Venkon fan coil is now installed in so many hotels and has become the benchmark against which other suppliers have to measure up. But does that make us the the European Champion? Technically I would sign up to that: particularly as we have the overall solution package right. We are also at the forefront in terms of comfort. You know the situation: You go in your hotel room and the first thing you do is to turn off the air conditioning because it is too loud or is draughty. You would never think of doing so with the Venkon because you don’t even notice that it’s there. Apart from the good indoor air quality of course ...