Thermal Comfort and Air flows in a Room


Thermal Comfort and Air flows in a Room

In my earlier webinar ‘Air Quality and Ventilation Efficiency’ I spoke about a healthy indoor environment, about ventilation efficiency, about the mechanisms of removing pollutants from the room, etc.

In this webinar, I want to discuss the thermal comfort aspect and air flows in a room.

  • Why do we need to ventilate closed spaces?
  • What are the basic concepts or factors of thermal comfort?
  • Indoor air flow concepts/Ventilation systems in practice


Date: 26th January 2022

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Seminar type: Online

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The webinar is offered free of charge.

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Dipl.-Ing. VDI Friedhelm Koch, Hospitality Analyst


I obtained my academic degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1983 at the University of Applied Sciences Münster in Germany.

I have since been professionally active in the HVAC industry, from theoretical and scientific aspects to practical design and construction of HVAC systems.

I have been connected to Kampmann for more than 38 years and have held technical, sales and managerial functions in companies of the Kampmann Group, predominantly in the international area.

I communicate in two languages: German and English.