Heating and cooling with trench technology

We kindly invite you to our webinar "Heating and cooling with trench technology".

This webinar will focus on the benefits and functionality of trench heaters as an alternative to ceiling air conditioning. In modern, highly glazed buildings, underfloor convectors are very popular and offer an efficient solution for room temperature regulation and fresh air ventilation.

The trench heaters along the façade replace conventional air conditioning systems and are characterized by their space-saving design. They are particularly well suited for heat pump systems and offer a unique system for air heating, cooling and fresh air ventilation.


Our speaker, Leo Eckart, will present practical insights, case studies and technical information during the webinar. You will learn why trench technology is so popular in modern buildings with high glass fronts and how they meet the requirements for efficient room air conditioning.

Whether you are an architect, engineer or building services professional, this webinar will provide you with valuable information and expand your knowledge of the benefits of trench technology. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and interact directly with the speaker.

Don't miss the opportunity to join our webinar "Heating and cooling with trench technology" and discover the future of indoor climate control in modern buildings. Register now.

Date: 20th June 2023

Time: 10:00 CET 

Seminar type: Online

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The webinar is offered free of charge.

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Leo Eckart
Senior Manager International Projects at Kampmann Group

I am Leo Eckart and I have been professionally active in the HVAC industry, from theoretical and scientific aspects to practical design and construction of HVAC systems. I have been connected to Kampmann for more than 30 years and have held technical, sales and managerial functions in companies of the Kampmann Group, predominantly in the international area. I communicate in three languages: German, Russian and English.