System-wide professional expertise

The connectivity of building services components in buildings is now state of the art and thus a standard requirement. Standardised automation networks form the basis for the cross-trade interoperability of systems as part of energy-optimised total operation, at the same time as enhancing comfort.

Positive effects:

• Harmonised operation of systems for heating, cooling and ventilation. A room might only be temporarily heated and ventilated when occupation is signalled or detected
• Central maintenance and fault alert management: this simplifies maintenance and repairs and reduces the risk of failure
• Linking of all functional areas. Cooling in an office might only be active when the window is closed, something that can be signalled by a window contact
• Easy to use in installation
• Flexibility of use

The planning and coordination of building automation before and during the implementation phrase requires a high level of electro-technical and also cross-system expertise. The call for integral planning often ends with automation, as many building services engineering offices do not have their own building automation design department. External support is called for!

Kampmann offers you the following services:

  • Support with the integration of products into established automation standards
  • Advice on the selection of various control and automation systems
  • Support in decision-making about the scope of automation based on objective assessment criteria
  • Operator and user-orientated advice based on efficiency criteria (cost/benefit)
  • Support in the integration or linking of our systems into existing building control technologies.
  • direct consultation with measurement, control and regulation companies to clarify interfaces to our systems.
  • integral control concepts for the functional combination of Kampmann, NOVA and emco Klima units